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{marbled pumpkin diy}


I’m a big fan of no carve pumpkins.  Until, the day before Halloween.  We all know once they are carved…they are dead in a day or so.  Full of bugs.  Stinky.  But I’m still all about making them pretty + festive for Halloween.

Bay’s 4-H club hosts a no carve pumpkin contest every October meeting.  All the pumpkins are then donated to a rest home to be enjoyed.  LOVE this so much.

We had to get to work a little early and get a pumpkin decorated for next week.


These nail polish marbled pumpkins caught my eye.  They were all over social media this week.  I’m sure you saw all the different methods.

Clicked on the link.

I have ALL the materials needed.


Making them.  Like, TODAY!

Holiday Whore in full effect over here!




  • Mini/smaller pumpkins. With a steam (make the dipping easier and cleaner) I grabbed a bunch at Trader Joe’s last week.
  • Nail Polish.  The cheap shit.  Good ol Wet & Wild.  I raided Bay’s polish collection for 3 colors that looked pretty together.  And combo will do the trick.
  • Water bucket.  Make sure it’s deep enough to fully submerge your pumpkins.
  • Room Temperature Water. Must be room temp so the polish will spread easily.
  • Sheet of wax paper.  For drying.


Here’s how you do it:

Have all supplies ready.  You will need to work fast.

With a bucket full of room temp water, shake nail polish brushes over the water.  Close to the water or the polish will sink.

Do this with all 3 colors.


Holding the pumpkin by the steam, submerge the pumpkin into the water.  Dunk pumpkin sideways and roll it slowly.

The polish will stick to the pumpkin like a magnet.

Remove pumpkin and set on wax paper to dry.

Repeat if you want more marbling on the pumpkin.  I did this a second time.

Allow to dry for a couple of hours.


That’s it peeps.  Kids can totally do this.  Your house will reek of nail polish, but you will have some pretty pumpkins 🙂


ONLY problem?  I now want to marble every.single.pumpkin in my house.  I may even make another trip to TJ’s for some new pumpkins to try out.

Cant stop, wont stop!


xoxo stacyb


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