Guess what guys?  Today is my two year blog-versary!!
Not much has changed in these two years. I still drop the f bomb daily.  Drink chard as if it were my day job.  Cook enough to feed an army.  Celebrate any + every holiday.  And obviously still a shopaholic!!  

What has changed, thanks to all of you are my stats….

485 blog posts later

Over 200,000 views

Views from 32 countries

My most popular post to date {before + after}

Last year on my 1 year blog-versary, I shared {37 random facts about me}

I can’t even top that off.  Or come up with 30 something random facts today.  I think you already know all the weird shit about me?

Today, I think we’ll do….

A little of this + a little of that


Am I think ONLY fucking person on this planet that despises pumpkin spice latte’s? #sogross

With the exception of my homegirl Martha Stewart #basicbitch

I spent hours last week “unsubscribing” from each website/email I no longer want + spam.  It was a fucking undertaking.  Let me tell ya!

I joined a running group #ifuckinghaterunning

Shit you not, today I ordered myself a Christmas gift.  Using my Mom’s credit card.  And I’m going to pick it up at the store.  Drop it off at my Mom’s house.  Open it Christmas morning (in 81 days) and totally pretend like it was the biggest surprise ever.  #itwasonsale

Next time you go to In & Out Burger order a Flying Dutchman Animal Style #trustme

Last week I got the Fitbit Great Wall Badge.  I’ve walked the same distance as the Great Wall of China.  5,500 miles.  #hellasteps

If you’ve never made Pioneer Women Sour Cream Noodle Bake then you’re not living.  I may have to blog about it.  #idreamaboutit

Overly obsessed with anything + everything marble.  I even bought a marble phone case.  #thestruggleisreal

I cannot, for the life of me, spell believe or receive without spell check.  And apparently neither can my daughter. #poorthing

In case you haven’t noticed, fuck is still the most used word in my vocabulary.  My family + friends + co-workers can vouch.  And no longer get offended. #AF #fuckthis #fuckthat #fuckinga #fuckyeah #fuckno #fuckingaright #fuckthatshit #icouldgoonandonandon


Thanks for continuing to read my nonsense for two years now!!  Cheers to another year!  Clink!





xoxo stacy



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