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{weekend notes}


Weekend Notes //

Intentions for the week:

  • Make a big ass salad for lunchesmade a quinoa salad
  • Find the perfect 2018 planner I finally decided.  Stay tuned, I’ll share this week
  • Purchase a new makeup bag + makeup ordered!
  • Make something using pumpkin (it’s Fall y’all) I made not 1, but 2!!!
  • Bust out all the fall decor tubs
  • RHONJ premierIt’s going to be a good season
  • Decorate a cute pumpkin for 4-H {marble pumpkin diy} is ready for tonight
  • Stay sugar-free (ish)
  • Workout 5 days a week – 4 days was all I could squeeze in
  • Work on November budgetdone
  • Sign-up for running groupSigned up and ready for this weekend
  • Watch Tom Petty Runnin’ Down A Dream on Netflix  –  Hopefully this week


And for the weekend highlights…..


Damage //

Sometimes you have to treat your damn self to some cute shit!!  I partly blame this purchase on Salinas Julie!!!  I had to!



Heaven //

After a full week of eating clean, I caved and had pizza.  But not just any pizza.  This is Masullo pizza.

1/2 Margarita + 1/2 Pepperoni (so basic)

Gilda (not so basic)

Mozzarella, Fontina, Olives, Red Onion, Garlic/Parsley/Anchovy Persillade

With a side of oven roasted mussels + chard.  Pure heaven!

If you are a pizza lover, like myself.  Do yourself a favor and try out Masullo!  The Hildebrand chicks told me all about this place!!  And it didn’t disappoint.



The City //

A day in the City with your girlfriends is good for the soul!!!


Cause when you dip

I dip

We dip

Anyone else love dip + sauce options?


Cheers from the Paragon



Shoe Shine //

This dude sitting on the corner with a sign….

1st shoe = $8

2nd shoe = FREE

He had a good smile and sense of humor.  He gave me a discounted rate and shined up my 2-year-old Old Navy sandals.

No lie.  He did a fine job!

Ohhh, and he has 12 kids.  So, I tipped him a bit.



Coqueta //

Couple of years ago, we sat in this same spot.  The three of us.  And pretty much did the same thing too.

The margs are legit!



Such a pretty spot right on the water!


The food = to die for


The pretty Instagram famous G+T’s!  I requested them to be extra pretty.  I’d say they killed it.  Except I got the yellow flower.  Ha!!


Happy October Eve //

A fun celebration at Our House Davis

I mean, just take a peek at those cakes!!!

I swore I wasn’t going to eat cake.

I did!

Thank you Jon + Cary for hosting such a fun night!!




The not so highlight of the weekend //

Woke up Sunday morning to my window bashed out!!

Some fucking loser decided to smash my window.  All for my makeup bag.  The ONLY thing that was actually in my car.



I guess they thought this hideous bag was stuffed full of cash or something?  I got the bag back.  Via Good Neighbors of Woodland FB page.  My brother in-law sent me a screen shot of two girls talking about their cars also being broken into the same night/morning.



One of the girls had my makeup bag.  ALLLL the way across town.

It was almost empty.

For some reason they didn’t want the tampons?!?!  Or face masks.

But they did leave me the All Eyez On Me DVD.  Just what I wanted in exchange for ALL my fucking makeup!

It could have been worse.  I get it!  I still feel violated AF!

I will let it go.

Maybe once I can sleep though the night again?  Probably not today though.


Moral of the story:

Don’t leave ANYTHING in your car again for the rest of your life.  Even if it’s worthless.  Some tweeker will bust your window out to make sure it’s not worth something.  Then take it anyway.


Jammin //

Aunt Penny taught Alex + I how to make her apricot jam.

I wouldn’t even bet that Bay could eat this by the spoonful.  Because she can.  I’ve seen it!



We made 3 batches.

And Aunt Penny even shared her recipe.  Happy AF!!!



Seka Hills Fall Club Party//


So much wine.  So many yummy snacks.  And I even scored a cute bumpy pumpkin!

Big thanks to Nikki for driving my happy ass.

Remember, my car was missing a fucking window!!


Somehow I had the pleasure of hanging out with my homegirl Nikki twice this weekend and didn’t take a single selfie or boomerang!!  WTF?!?!


It was a good one!  Hope you had a great weekend too.


xoxo stacyb

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