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{friday 5}


This image is me, but this Sunday..Ha!  I cant wait to #chardsohard and slam some carbs!!  The weekend is here.  I have hardly any plans.  Which means Bay + I are going to kick it hard.  Starting tonight with Valentine making.  And I’m pretty sure she’s going to whip up some cookies  Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine…while it lasts.  I washed my car today, so it will for sure rain soon!

FIVE things on my mind…..

ONE – Origins Charcoal Mask // Doesn’t everyone do face masks with their kiddo and watch This Is Us on Wednesday nights?  It’s kind of our new thing.  I’ve read some many great reviews about the ever so trendy charcoal masks.  So I did my research and purchased Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask  from Nordy’s.  Here’s the scoop…..the active charcoal clears clogged pores while the clay absorbs toxins.  Sign me up!

Bay only left hers on for about 5 minutes.  It does get pretty tight as it dries and she totally freaked out…lol.

I left mine on for about 20 minutes.  I recently acquired sensitive skin.  Not fun!  This didn’t irritate my face at all.  Left my face smooth as a babies butt + clear + refreshed.  I will be using this poop looking (as Bay said) mask on a weekly, that’s for sure.



TWO – Since love is in the air.  Kinda!  I found these Valentines Day cards on Brickyard Buffalo this week.  I mean come on, aren’t they perfect.  I’m so glad I swiped right…LOL!!

Anyway, they are on sale for 2 more days and only cost $3.50.  You can’t even find a Hallmark card for $3.50 in this day and age.

Ps – Brickyard Buffalo is the only online pop-up shop that I still subscribe to.  They always have cute + unique + affordable deals.  Check them out.

I currently want this, this + this!

Brickyard Buffalo Valentine’s Day Cards



THREE – Spiralized Carrot Spaghetti // I’ve been living on this the last two weeks.  Super easy recipe to make.


First – spiralize your carrots.  The bigger the better, for spiralizing purposes…lol.  I prep all my veggies on Sunday.  I put all the spiralized carrots in a large zip-lock and stuck them in the fridge.  They will keep all week-long.
Second – brown your ground turkey, drain, then add marinara sauce.  I used the slow cooker marinara sauce I posted a couple of weeks ago.  You can find the recipe on {friday 5}.  Makes a ton, so I froze 3 gallon sized zip locks.  
Three – while you let your sauce simmer.  Add spiralized carrots to a pan, lightly coated  with olive oil.  Cook until al dente.  I like my carrots a little crunchy, so it took about 5 minutes.  
Serve with some shaved parmesan cheese and you are set.  Dinner is served within 15 minutes.
*what is up with the font change?  I can’t figure out how to change it…fuck my ocd life!!



FOUR – Who else is completely obsessed with Courtney Ker’s outfit?!?!  Screw the Gucci bag, let’s talk about the clothes.  I want it all.  From the Madewell henley bodysuit (totally into bodysuits) to the mile high Levi’s to that ombre wool coat.  So good!  And let’s talk about those prada’s…dannnngggg!  They are on my forever wishlist #pricetag

Even though it’s all the same color, it’s a great cohesive look!

She inspired me!  I pulled a complete navy outfit from my very own closet (that I would have never put together) to wear next week.  Blue on blue on blue.  Stay tuned!


Shop the look here:

Bodysuit // Levi’s // Sunnies // Coat


FIVE – Links I ♥

Oscar nominees are in!!!

Loving this clean eating food journal

Best way to reheat pizza, unless you’re down with cold pizza like me 🙂

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Audio books read by famous voices

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Did anyone else see Tory Gonzales new clutch?  Yesss please!!

This apron from Woodland’s very own @serendipityhomedecor has my name all over it

Mark your calendars for February 18th…. Britney Ever After

Breathalyzers in Tostitos bags?  I can’t wait to try it out

Lisa’s outfit is EVERYTHING

True that, Willie Nelson!!



xoxo stacyb

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