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{weekend notes}


Weekend notes a day late!  Sorry peeps, I was too busy scoring Cyber Monday deals and catching up on everything.  You guys, FOUR days off work was beyond amazeballs.  Hence the image above.  Crazy Thankful!  Not only was I off work for FOUR days, but so many things I’m crazy thankful for.

Crazy Thankful for girlfriends that invite you for a Wednesday night “drink” and you stay through dinner.

Laugh.  Order too many bottles or wine.  And laugh a little more.

FullSizeRender (15).jpg

{stolen from Erica’s Instagram}


And of course a selfie!!

Crazy Thankful for my Mom + Bay they are always up for my crazy ideas.  Like our Running of the Turkeys tradition.  In the freeezzzing cold.  Early in the morning.  We did it all for the fitbit steps 🙂



Crazy Thankful for the amazing Thanksgiving feast my Uncle Sal + Aunt Penny hosted.  Sitting around the table with family taking turns saying out Peeks + Pits ♥

Clearly I like stuffing everything…lol.  I stuffed twice baked sweet potatoes (recipe coming soon) + stuffed mushrooms.  So damn good!!


And these are the only pictures I took all night.

Jayson + Aunt Penny carving.  GG + Uncle Randy.


Crazy Thankful for my bestie Alex delivered a healthy baby BOY on Thanksgiving day!

Spencer David Fricke (named after both of his grandfathers)

6 lbs 15 oz

19 inches

And he’s as cute as can be ♥

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

Look at that yawn.  Being born is hard work!!

We called Thanksgiving early, not to shop but to head straight to the hospital to meet the new Fricke addition!

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Thanks Tom + Robin for all the booze and the ride ♥




Smuggling Champagne + tall cans of Coors heavy + copenhagen into the hospital to celebrate!!!


Congratulations Fricke’s!!


Crazy Thankful baby Spencer is so cute and I don’t have to pretend 🙂  I have this thing about newborns kinda looking like aliens.  I know I’m going to hell!  But he’s probably the sweetest thing I’ve seen since my own + nephews 🙂

FullSizeRender (8).jpg


Crazy Thankful for this girl and our spontaneous trip to Napa!!


We tasted at Raymond Vineyards (recommendation from the Corbett’s)  If you’ve never been, check it out.  So unique.  Think French Bulldogs + leopard + half-naked mannequins.  Sounds kinds kinkey…lol.  Really though, the different rooms and red wine are out of this world!

Perfect example below…haha!

FullSizeRender (11).jpg


Tasting, harassing and making friends at Flora Springs.  Everyone loved us!  Swear!  We even met a drunk lady named Stacey…haha.  I think we could have stood at that tasting room all day, had they have not been closing.



Nikki introduced me to Oxbow Public Market.  How in the world did I never know this little gem existed?!?!


Bubbles + dinner at my favorite, Hog Island Oyster Co.



All that fun, then bam!  Saturday morning at 8am, Bailey + I started day #1 of our Hunters Safety course.  It was ALL damn day.  8am – 4pm.  My eyes may have closed a couple of times!  Thank god for Starbucks + red bulls…that shit is NO joke!

Crazy Thankful that we both passed!!!



Crazy Thankful that Bailey got to meet baby Spencer on Sunday.  She’s vowed to babysit for FREE!  You better write that shit down Alex!!



Crazy Thankful for this Chicken Pesto Lasagna recipe + wine:)  You can find the recipe here!!  I made this for the Fricke’s last night and it was!

FullSizeRender (13).jpg


Crazy Thankful for boomerang cheers with Alex!  It’s been a long 9 months!!

FullSizeRender (16).jpg

By the way, those aren’t just any gin martini’s you see there.  Those are Liz’s famous gin martini’s.  The best I’ve ever had!!  Thanks Liz!!



I hope you all had a great Turkey Day + weekend!



xoxo stacyb

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  1. Jealous of your Napa Trip. Can’t wait to do something like that soon!!!
    Thanks for coming to the hospital to visit us and for making us your bomb ass lasagna. It was amazing.

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