{the cold shoulder}

The Cold Shoulder

A form of body language what occurs when a person is ignoring you completely.

According to the Urban Dictionary I give the cold shoulder like a mother f’er.  I’m kind of the queen of the cold shoulder.  But this time we’re not talking about that kind of cold shoulder.

Let’s chat about the ever so trendy cold shoulder top.  Or how about the off the shoulder?  I’m totally diggin them both equally!  I am also the queen of this cold shoulder too 🙂


Cold Shoulder


Black // Terracotta Pink // Grey (just sold out) similar 

Couple more super cute options….

AEO TURTLENECK SWEATER // AEO COLD SHOULDER T-SHIRT ($12) // Embroidered High Neck Cold-shoulder


Pinterest has so many cute ideas + inspiration….click here for more!!



Off the Shoulder



Off the Shoulder Peasant Top – Mossimo Supply Co.

Couple more super cute options that are currently in my on-line shopping carts as I type….

AEO Off-Shoulder Bell Sleeve  ($16) // Off the Shoulder 3/4 Sleeve // AEO Off The Shoulder T-Shirt


More Pinterest inspo…

love mckenna bleu striped version!

I hope I’ve inspired you to let your shoulders free! LOL!  Give the cold shoulder a try!!

xoxo stacyb

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