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{weekend notes}

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Oh man friends, it was a good weekend.  Like one of those weekends where you laugh more than anything.  It was a fabulous couple of days.  We, ummmm, I mean I, partied hard.  I pretty much had a glass of wine in my hand at all times.  Letters To Santa, Surprise 40th Birthday, Cooking Class and a Housewarming.

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My friends have cute kids.  We celebrated our 6th Annual Letter’s To Santa Night.  It was a success.  Letters were written, hot chocolate downed, pizza devoured, personalized Christmas ornaments assembled, photo booth fun and the best cookie exchange yet.  Thanks to everyone that joined in on the fun night.

We checked out the new wine bar in town, Uvaggio.  It’s fun having new options in town to grab a drink.  I really liked that their wine list is full of local wine varieties.  Pre-drinks are always necessary.


Saturday Night we celebrated Robin’s Annual 39th Birthday.  Some of her high school friends pulled off a hellava surprise party.  Good company, food, wine and not to mention the beautiful home.  One of the College Street Victorian homes.  I was blown away with the history and beauty of this home.

Our tour of the home took us from the movie theater and wine cellar in the basement up on the roof to the widows peak.

So cool.



Check out the toilet….I was kinda obsessed with it.  Alex makes a good toilet model, don’t you think?

Lots of love and friendship in this photo.


Happy Birthday Robin!!!


Sunday morning we headed over to Guinevere’s Café for a dough making class.  Bailey and Andee were so cute, they were quite the little helpers.  The owners were great with getting them involved and super interested in cooking.  As we made the dough, we sampled cinnamon rolls, pizza and Stromboli, all made with the same dough we were preparing.  “When you make magical food, you become a magical person.”  Just one of my favorite quotes from the morning.   The owner’s were so friendly and made for a great experience.  They offer cooking classes weekly.  Even a cookie decorating class around the Holidays, that we will for sure be checking out.  Sign up for one, you will really enjoy it.  They also have a delicious menu at the Café.


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We celebrated the Blickle’s housewarming party Sunday afternoon.  Again, with a glass of wine in my hand.  I told you.  It was nice catching up with the girls on three different occasions all in one weekend.  We are a hard group to wrangle up, so it was enjoyable.  Sara’s vest – isn’t it amazeballs?  Now I wan’t some fur for my closet too.



While I typed my blog, Cory and Bailey rolled out some of our dough and made pizza….yummm. I love pizza.

They make a good team in the kitchen.  I snuck this picture of them 🙂


Well, I hope you all have a lovely Monday.  Come back tomorrow 🙂

xoxo stacyb

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