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{back in the saddle}

Bailey is back in the saddle.  Something she LOVES.  Something we both love.  She is obsessed with horses, and I love watching her do what she loves.

At Bailey’s 9 year doc appointment, her pediatrician asked her “what do you love to do the very most, what’s your passion?”  Without hesitation, “Riding horses!!”  I realized she hadn’t ridden a horse since last summer.  Holy guilt trip.  I called and booked her a package of lessons the very next day.



Bailey has been riding horses since she was 4 years old.  She was tiny when she started.  It was actually hard to find someone who would take children her age.

Here’s a little trip down memory lane…..

Look how little she was.  Bailey + Rona (her first love)


Bailey + Ruby // these little horse crazed besties started riding together in 2010.  Those matching shirts are so damn cute.  I still have Bailey’s hanging in my closet.


Then a couple summers ago, Bailey signed up for Junior Rodeo.  With the help of Willy + Paige, she learned barrels, pole bending, roping and goat tying.  It was a really good summer.  Lots and lots of practice.

Bailey + Shark

Junior Rodeo
Junior Rodeo

Roping practice with Willy

Junior Rodeo

First Rodeo // Junior Rodeo



Goat tying // her favorite



My beauty



Bailey + Collin // her current lesson horse





I stood there watching today and it’s like riding a bike, I guess?  Once you got it, you got it.  She hopped on and didn’t skip a beat.  Watching her balance, security and control over the horse amazes me.  Such a little person with such a huge animal.  She gets on that horse and her confidence just soars.  Watching your child do what they love is a beautiful thing.  I only hope that her love for horses and riding stays with her forever.



You can find bailey’s Boots here.

Dreams & Schemes // found this pie chart in the bottom on Bailey’s backpack.  “My World”

This girl has my heart, my whole heart.


xoxo stacyb

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