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{friday 5}


But seriously!  Who’s with me?

Happy Friday!  I’m here with the Friday 5 for ya –

ONE – My Mom.  My editor.  Did you know that since day 1 of this blog, 31 posts later, My Mom proof reads my blog post every night before I publish?  She’s kinda the shit.  And If I don’t get it to her in a timely manner, she will get on my ass.  Never has she suggested I change something, she let’s me do my thing.  I love her.  Not only is she my editor, she’s my best friend.  She’s Bailey’s 2nd best friend (I’m #1, duh).  She supports me with ALL my crazy ideas and helps me execute them too!  She’s my wine drinking partner.  My road dog.  Country concert sidekick.  My 50 emails per day recipient.  The best listener.  She basically makes my life doable.  She’s got a heart of gold and I’m forever greatful!! THANKS MOM!

My mom

TWO – Nordstrom fall clearance sale.   Save up to 40% on favorite styles for men, women and kids now through November 15th.  Anyone score any deals?  I grabbed a couple Christmas gifts.  But, more importantly – these beauties.

dolce vita teague bootie

Dolce Vita ‘Teague’ Bootie

I ordered them on Monday and they were on my doorstep Wednesday.  Nicely done Nordstrom!  I’ve had them in my shopping cart for a while now.  I currently need $852 to buy everything in my Nordy’s online shopping cart…lol.  Petty cash, right?  As soon as the price dropped from $139 to $81, my size was gone.  I literally internet stocked these dolce’s for 2 days and bam, they came back in an 8 1/2.  I hit order so quick, even my computer was shocked with my decisive ass.  To top it off I had a $20 nordy’s note, making these booties $61.  I kinda want to marry them:)

THREE – Guess what?  My beloved Anthro golden monogram mug is back in stock.  In every letter, as of today.  They are only available for a limited time, so get yours NOW.  Or you will regret it.  When you add a little Bailey’s to the cup, it tastes soooo good 🙂  You’re welcome!

Anthro Gold Mug

Limited Edition Golden Monogram Mug

FOUR – As you’ve probably already seen from my instagram account, I’ve decked the hall at the Simmons Brown Brookshire house (we should totally hashtag that on our Christmas cards).  I pulled out all three tubs of Holiday decor.  Our house is ready….it’s never too soon to decorate in my book.  The outdoor lights go up tonight….yesss.  The Tree makes it’s debut Thanksgiving weekend.

{ps…Cory is starting a little side job hanging outdoor Christmas Lights this year.  Hit him up, sit back and relax while HE hangs up the lights.  I think the idea is brilliant.}


Letters to Santa sneak peek // Thank you Target $1 bins for hookin it up.

November is the month I host our Annual Letter’s To Santa night.  The kids write their letters to good ol’ Saint Nick while the mom’s mingle over wine and our traditional chicken tortilla soup..  I have a fun ornament craft for the kids this year that includes paint and fingers (sorry moms). Hot chocolate and a cookie exchange are included too.  This is why we decorate so soon.  Even though I probably would regardless.  There’s just something about twinkling lights and the magic of Christmas that gets me.

FIVE – Last but certainly not least // Wednesday at approximately 4:14 PM, Chandon used my champs photo from last week.  #ViewFromTheTop (#regram from @stacybrwn) to be precise:)  I almost fell out of my chair.  Totally freaked out.  Called my mom, of course.  Called Cory.  Emailed my girlfriends.  It’s kind of a big deal, guys.  I loved reading the comments, especially the ones from my Yaya’s that saw it!!  #almostfamous #justkidding


My motto

Lifes short

(in-case you needed that extra push)

Happy Weekend 🙂

xoxo stacyb

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  1. But you didn’t send me this one to proof!! Now that everyone knows I’m proofing… Guess I’ll have to be a little more careful! 😊 It’s fun watching you do what you love. And congrats on Chandon using your photo! Love you! Mom

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