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{weekend notes}

Hello March! We’re inching closer + closer to Spring and I can feel it! The weather was amazing this weekend. Gave me a taste of what’s come + what to look forward too. I even layed out in the backyard yesterday.

I woke up feeling refreshed AF this morning. Spending the weekend relaxing. Cleaning. Family time. Gardening. It’s good for the soul. And rewarding all at the same time. Hope your Monday is off to a good start!!!

Intentions for the Week….

  • Work on my list Spring To-Do’s
  • Hit 20,000 steps per day
  • Charlie’s vet visit
  • Spray Tans with Karina NINA’S MOBILE SPRAY TAN
  • SL8 Fitness weight dates with Bay x3
  • Celebrate Nidia’s birthday with my high school girlfriends
  • Make + shoot Teriyaki Burgers (I’ve been craving them)
  • Re-style our entryway console table
  • Write a blog post on “10 must-haves for spring”
  • Pre-plan + track on my WW app
  • Pack for an over-nighter with the girls

Highlights from the weekend…..

Cory + I kicked off the weekend with massages. It was a last minute plan, so I couldn’t get us into any of the places that we originally had planned. So, we ended up at Rainbow Massage. And I have to say, we got killer massages. I will 100% go back!

Followed with our weekly Friday night Steve’s Pizza date. And a movie. We both watched this and it kept my eyes open, so that’s saying a lot. Ha! It was nominated for some Golden Golden Globe so I had it on my list to watch.

Had an early morning emergency! 3:30am Saturday morning. Charlie had a really shitty accident. All over Bay’s room. And every other room in our house. It was a nightmare.

This poor pup had a rough day. So thankful she’s back to her normal spunky self. She has a vet visit Wednesday to go over some things and make sure we prevent this from ever happening again!

She’s currently on the chicken + rice diet!

I died over all your responses on my Instagram question: “what’s the worst thing your dog has done”

You guys made me feel so much better about our “situation”

Bay got new bedding so she was pretty pumped about that. Not sure I could ever sleep in that crime scene again though…lol!

Watched my nephew play ball. And get some good hits!

This dude came home with me and kept me company Saturday afternoon. His giggles are everything.

Siesta time. 3 hours of sleep doesn’t cut it for this ol bitty.

We made the ever so famous TikTok pasta. Although I thought everyone has seen it, I got lots of inquires. So, I will be sharing the recipe this week. We tweaked it a bit. It was fantastic! And so easy to make.

Ready for the oven….yummmm!

Did you score any of the Levis x Target goodies? Here’s my faves: {Levis x Target Colab}

Created a pretty centerpiece with Trader Joe’s flowers. $15 worth the flowers. I will show you the finished product later this week.

Back on my weekly carwash routine. Now on Sunday for some reason.

Made a Buffalo Chicken Soup for lunches this week. If you like buffalo chicken, you’ll LOVE this one.

Planted a shit-ton of white impatience + candytufts in the front yard. Yardwork is so crazy rewarding. Even when your mom comes over and does most of the work. Thanks mama!

Long Sunday strolls with Bay + Charlie are my favorite!

Cory smoked a brisket all day long. It was delish!

And that’s all I got folks. A perfect mix of relaxing + cleaning + getting-shit-done kind of weekend. I woke up refreshed and ready to kick this weeks ass!

xoxo stacyb

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