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{a little of this + a little of that}

Dress | Heels | Phone Case | Bracelets: Gold // Rope

The worst part about Friday is waking up and realizing it’s actually ONLY Thursday. FML!

a little of this + a little of that……

It’s August 1st friends. Bay birth month! Meaning – I’m going to be a mother of a teenager in 22 days. My girl is turning 13 years old.

This post right here, it’s my 922 blog post. My 4 year blog-versary is right around the corner.

I had a little too much fun last night. But, it’s not everyday you get to kick it with some of your best gals to celebrate a birthday #yolo

100% hit the Taco Bell drive-thru for lunch. Still obsessed with the beefy 5-layer burrito.

Just logged said burrito – 14 Weight Watchers points. FML! Tomorrow is a new day!

Skipped my Weight Watchers weigh-in this morning. So, now I have to go bright and early Saturday morning. My Mom and I still have a bet and I realllllly want to win! Fingers crossed!

At 37 years old, I still get my hair done right before the Yolo County Fair! #fairhair

13 days till corn dogs + carnies consume all the lives of Yolo County!

Broke my spending freeze yesterday. I vowed to not shop (other than food and shit) for the entire week. Epic fail! Went into American Eagle, which is newly remodeled and Ah-mazing. We have an Arie now! Can I get a whoop whoop?!!? Anyway, I really went in just to see the new store. Accidentally ended up in the dressing room with about 25 items. Slipped on this little red number and……said fuck it! It comes in black too, just saying! AE Button Down Midi Dress

If you make an American Eagle trip, you need these three things: 1. Aerie Desert Sweatshirt 2. Floral Patchwork Midi Kimono 3. Tie Dye ACDC Graphic T-Shirt

I was once again influenced by my blogger idol, Lisa Allen and bought this lip stick. And it’s BOMB. L’Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Lip Stain in shade: 438 I Decide

Speaking of lips, Bay and I are going to do this Lip Kit tonight. Stay tuned.

And since I already fell off the wagon, I ordered myself the MOST fitting Coffee Mug

Is anyone else binge watching The Hills? Okay good!

Everyone is really into the Walmart Pick-Up. I get tons of questions about it. I’ve been using this service for about a year now and fricking swear by it. I spend wayyy less money, because I’m not buying random shit. It saves me a shit-ton of time. So now I can spend more time at TJ’s. And I have a promo code for you. (first timers only though): $10 off your first Walmart Grocery Pick-Up

Okay, off to slam a White Monster and finish off this day! Byeeee!

Dress | Heels | Phone Case | Bracelets: Gold // Rope

You can shop each item by clicking on the images below……

(remember you use the arrow to the right to scroll though all the images)

If you’re not hungover AF, like myself….then C H E E R S to Thirsty Thursday! Ha! Have a cold one for me.

xoxo stacyb

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