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{mini closet clean out}

Tee ($12) | Skirt ($20)| Booties sold out // similar | Sunglasses | Rope Bracelet

It’s Thursday friends. The HOT as hell weekend is almost here. Almost, almost, makes me not that excited for the best two days of the week after reading the weather forecast. 108 degrees. Sickening! We are going to head to the coast for a bit and get some vitamin sea. And cooler temps.

I was looking in my closet the other day. Had one of those “I hate everything I own” kinda days. Which is absolutely ridiculous. But, we all have those days, right? Next thing I know, I’m pulling shit out and throwing it on my bed.

And it got me thinking. Why wait for spring to start cleaning? I like + NEED to do it seasonally. And since the famous Nordstrom #nsale has me dreaming of fall trends, I’m ready to make room and get rid of some shit I really don’t need.

Scroll down for some tips on how I purge my closet each season. Pack away the things you wont need for a few months so you can really see the clothes you have + love. And make a list of items you need to fill in the gaps. Grab a good bottle of wine. And spend the hot ass weekend doing some much needed closet clean out. I promise you wont regret it!

Remember that one time I did the Marie Kondo Method? You can read all about it right here: {weekend notes} I recommend reading the book and doing some research before you take on a project like this one. Shared more about it here: {let’s kon marie} Or what about the time {i gave up shopping for 30 days…kinda} I sourced all kinds of great closet goodies that I have and love.

Things you really need to get rid of NOW……

Music + Wine

Before you get started….Put on some good ass music. This is no time for Adele! You’re gonna need some of that good mood music. And a BIG ass glass of wine. Hell, just bring the whole bottle into your room! Getting tips might make some purging decisions a little easier. Just saying.

The Skinny Jeans

And I’m not chatting about the skinny legged jeans we all own and love to death. Keep those sis! What about those jeans you’ve been packing around for years. Maybe even since…..high school? Those ones you once wore. But you can now hardly get one leg into? The ones before you had #hellakids. Yeah, those skinny jeans. Live in the present girlfriend and ditch those never-gonna-wear again jeans. Better yet, gather them up and head to Madewell or J.Crew. They will give you a $20 voucher for each pair of old ass jeans. Not matter what condition they are in. Then next time you’re in the market for new pair of denim…you turn it in and save yo self some money honey!

Open Your Bra + Underwear Drawer

Anything you’d DIE of embarrassment if you were caught dead wearing: Old dingy bras. Broken underwire. Stained chonies (you got them, don’t lie). I read that you should replace all undergarments yearly. Dannggg, I’m over-due. (stops right now and orders new undies from American Eagle) I’m guilty AF!

Seasonal Thangs

Keep you’re sweaters and crop tops! They’re gold! I like to get those under the bed storage bins. The ones that slide under. Fill them up with sweaters. Winter PJ’s. Jackets. Store them for the season. It makes so much more room and you’ll actually be able to find that itty bitty crop top. Ha! Other seasonal thangs you can ditch: frumpy scarves your aunt Becky gifted you in 1998. Trucker hats that are falling apart. Sweatshirts that have seen better days. But, not the perfectly broken in ones. You’re gonna miss those….keep em!

Shitty Shoes

You know those super cute ones you had to have? Or those super uncomfortable ones that you swear you’re gonna wear next time you go out. Don’t treat your feet like that girl. Break up with them! And make room for a new pair that you’ll actually LOVE to rock on repeat.

Anything + Everything You Haven’t Touched Within The Year

If it’s not something seasonal or a formal dress. Maybe a nice blazer that you need on occasion. There is a pretty STRONG chance – you’re neva eva gonna wear it again. Throw it in the donate pile. You’re hangers will thank you!


Forgive yourself for making that impulse purchase on that hideous dress. It may have cost a bazillion bucks. It may be a super fancy designer item. Or maybe it was a helluva deal you couldn’t pass up. If you’re not proud AF to rock it. Just give it away. There is someone out there that will die for that mistake.

Crap Hangers

Metal hangers from the dry cleaners should be banned from your closet. I recently purchased velvet hangers in an effort to ditch all my plastic hangers. They are an investment. They are also so much better on your clothes, which are also an investment. I haven’t transferred ALL my hangers just yet, but I’m getting there slowly but surly. I also use hangers for my maximum closet occupancy. When I run out of hangers, somethings gotta go. I No longer go buy more. That’s an indicator that it’s time to purge.

Ill Fitting Clothes

Everyone has a section with things they just don’t dig. Do they “Spark Joy” Either they are ill fitting. Too big. Too small. Just not flattering at all. Need to be altered. Give them to a friend that might enjoy them. Sell them on an online yard sale. Poshmark is great too! Find your local consignment store. It’s time to say goodbye.

Tee ($12) | Skirt ($20)| Booties sold out // similar | Sunglasses | Rope Bracelet

Tee ($12) – I REFUSE to spend $70-$100 on all the name brand Band Tee’s! I just can’t do it! I scored this one for $12 and it’s perfect. Great length for a front knot. And I may even cut it into a crop top? For $12 fuck it, right? I linked some other very inexpensive options below too!

Skirt ($20) – Currently 50% off and fully stocked in ALL sizes. I promise this skirt is so flattering. Even better than I thought. I wore it here on {weekend notes} with a simple black tank + heels! I’ve thrown a denim jacket on top too! I linked some other great animal print skirt options below for you to take a peek at!

Booties sold out // similar – These Vince Camuto booties were my #1 score from the #nsale. My love for them is really, really big! I found a similar pair and I’m thinking about scooping up the snakeskin print. Since Nordstrom cancelled my order for the Vince snakeskin booties. It was such a sad day! Ha!

You can shop each item by clicking on the images below……

(remember you use the arrow to the right to scroll though all the images)

Have a great day friends! And don’t cuss me out too much mid closet clean out….that is, if you decide to tackle it!

xoxo stacyb

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