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{3 glasses}



3 glasses…..of wine, that is.

During a conversation this week, I was asked “what do you do for fun?”  Shit.  I always tell the truth.  So maybe sugar coat it a little?

  1. I like to cook
  2. I like to take day trips, hike, go to places I’ve never been.  Check shit out.
  3. I like to drink wine with my homegirls.

Problem is…..

#3 is really my #1.  Ha.  I told the truth, just maybe not in the correct order?  But, that’s ok…right?

Anyway, I read the article 3 glasses monttthhhhsss ago.  Ask Korine, she can vouch.  She was the first to agree to do this “experiment” with me.

What happens after drinking 1, 2 and 3 glasses of wine?

Marcos Alberti is the originator of this brillant project that began as a joke that soon went viral.  Marcos wanted to capture his passions, what he likes to do for fun….

  1. Friends
  2. Photography
  3. Wine
  4. Good old talk


He talks about the quote….

The first glass of wine is all about the food, the second glass is about love and the third glass is about mayhem

How about glass #4 + #5?


Photo #1 was taken right as we gathered for Sunday Funday.  I can’t promise that we hadn’t taken a couple of sips yet, but it was pretty close to the beginning.

Photos #2 – #4 were taken after each glass of wine.  Nothing fancy.  We just stood in the same spot in the Fricke’s backyard up against the house.  Snapped a photo then went right back to conversation, laughter and of course, more wine!

By the end of glass #8, I mean #3 the smiles got bigger and bigger.  The stories got better and better.  And we laughed harder and harder.




Jessie // The chicken catching + bun do’er + good time girl



Alex // The hostess with the most + dinner making (while we continued to drink) + Rapper



Korine //  The not-so-drunk (can you tell she drank, me either) + heart of gold + baby whisperer



Me // The sunglasses wearing after 2 drinks drunk hair girl who convinced these babes to document an afternoon of day drinking.  And they AGREED!



This my friends, is proof, that wine makes people incredibly happy!



A special THANK YOU to the Fricke’s for hosting brunch…and dinner.  Ooops.  And a BIG thank you to my beautiful + fun models for agreeing to another one of my crazy ass ideas!

ps….what are you girls doing this weekend?  Do over?


Notice I categorized this post as “health”

xoxo stacyb


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