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{weekend notes}

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I know today is Monday and you assume it’s going to suck, but just smile, because according to statistics, it should actually be a really nice day!



Intentions for the week:

  • finish valentinesBay’s turned out so cute.  Did you catch it here
  • sit outsideSaturday morning was so beautiful, until the wind picked up
  • make a pretty pink pasta
  • ride bikes
  • decide on a new indoor plantBelieve it or not, Dixon Walmart had by far the best selection out of the 5 stores I went to.
  • cook + photograph turkey taco spaghetti squash bowlsComing tomorrow!
  • get a new phone…pretty sure mine is possessed – now a cracked screen too…FML!
  • end of BRIK weight/measurementsWriting a post for next week. 
  • followed by baksin robbins for mocha almond fudge:)Bay ate mine 🙁


Last weeks intentions: {weekend notes}


Highlights from the weekend……

WTF?  6 more weeks?  Say it aint so!



Friday, Bay and I had a mom + daughter date night.  Which started off with pedi’s ♥

Suns out, toes out!


One of the ladies busted out a stack of photos from Christmas Eve.  I die!



Successfully embarrassed Bay at Costco + Target in my pedi flip-flops.

Then successfully messed up the polish on my big toe right after #karma


Bento boxes will forever be her fave.  And kid chop sticks.


Jinju was!



Saturday morning jade rolling + coffee!  More on the jade rolling…stay tuned!


Bay requested butter + bacon toast.  This is her go-to weekday breakfast she makes herself.


Why did I wait so long to get new bath towels?  Thank you Costco!


Catching up on housewives.  PeeeKayyy + Dorit drive me crazy!!


Sunshine + car washes.

Oh and pink slides.  I’ve been waiting patiently to pull these pretties out of the closet.


Shout out to Sparkles Carwash!


Davis Farmers market was crawling with romenesco.  So I had to grab some to try!

Romenesco is in the cauliflower family.  Prepare the same way too.  I roasted it with olive oil + salt + pepper.  Loved it!


Impromptu lunch date are the best!

Love these sweet girls!  They have so much in common it makes me smile.

Pen pals.  Both raise pigs for 4-H.  Kind.  Love bacon burgers.


The whole lunch crew!



Bailey’s’ confession I blasted on FB:

Image-1 (1)


This is what I found on her phone…lol!



Dinner with friends.


Chard, always!


Spinach dip + brie with apricot jam + farmers market sour dough loaf = heaven!


Added tulips to my $12 grocery store flower arrangement.


Bay baked.  These are coming to the blog this week.  The best rice krispy treats EVER!  courtesy of Bay Bakes!


She also baked with her Willow Oak 4-H group.  Happy Dance!

Warm weather + sunshine calls for margs!


Super what?


Last but not least….

The Intagram Stories poll results:

With 49 votes…..This Is Us WINS.




Let’s do this, my friends!  Lets make it a good week.  See you tomorrow.


xoxo stacyb

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