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{friday 5}


We did it friends.  We made it to Friday.  And through another crazy week.  The weekend is looking bright.  So many fun things planned that we’re looking forward to.  The Hostert’s are coming to town!!!  Pumpkin patch trip.  We are taking Christmas card pictures.  Running Group, which I’m actually looking forward to.  WEIRD!  Bay is finally having her bake sale that she’s been begging to do since Summer.  She also decided that she wants to donate the money made to the Napa fire relief.  God, I love her ♥

Cheers to the weekend peeps!!  And now, 5 things on my mind……


ONE – Celebrating // We celebrated our homegirl Sarah P’s birthday this week.  We had a good time for a Wednesday night!  HA!  We laughed.  We had an amazing meal at Kitchen 428!  We told funny stories.  We talked a little shit to eachother…lol.  We reminisced.  We shared the pits + peeks of life.  We toasted new endeavors.


Living our best life!

Jason’s white linens = new fave

Polenta Fries = stop what you’re doing and go to Mojo’s RIGHT NOW!  You need these!

Dinner Special = we all ordered the prime rib and it was damn good

Cheers = mini pumpkin pie cheers

Groupies = “Make us super hot + super skinny, k!”


And I think I get the award for the best birthday card.  Thanks to Nugget.  I laughed out loud (for reals) when I read it in the store.


TWO – Ojia, Ca // Yesterday I booked a massage.  In Ojia.  After our backpacking trip.  At our Hotel.  Ojai Valley Inn.  Can you say check off the ol bucket list?!?!  I’ve had dreams about vacationing in Ojia.  And shit got real.  We booked our second backpacking trip in Ojai for next month.  Remember I wrote all about our first backpacking trip here: {weekend notes}  A trip I will NEVER forget!  So we are headed down for trip #2.  We decided to extend our stay and check out Ojai after we’re done backpacking.  So many amazing places I want to see.  Places I want to dine.  Bars I want to drink “the very best G+T!”  Does anyone have any recommendations?  I’d love them all!!  Anyway, just super excited!  That’s all.



THREE – Sweater Weather // So, I went to Target this week.  Crazy, right?!?!  It was one of those Target trip where they had ALL THE THINGS!  It was like the first time I’d ever walked down the women’s clothing section.  Did you happen to get the BOGO 50% off sweaters email?  Yah, me too!  Luckily I’m the kind of person who finds great shit Target and comes right back here to tell you all about it!!

First off, So Many Cute Sweaters.  And it’s BOGO, so you’ll at least need two!

Remember the pink leopard cardigan I shared last week?  It’s now online!  It also comes in camo too.

Camo Print Cardigan //  Leopard Print Cardigan


You all know I love a good Instagam Stories Poll, but I have to say…..

My Insta friends and I clearly have different taste.  Ha!  I always buy the things you all vote “NO” on.  That red sweater to the right.  See it?  It gives me life.  I’m in love with it.  And it’s currently waiting in my closet for me to wear this weekend!!  The pink chenille sweater has already made an appearance.  It’s so so soft and comfy.  I skipped the destructed leopard (sorry insta polls)

Pink Chenille (Mossimo) not online yet // Leopard Destructed Pullover Sweatshirt // Red Sweater (A New Day) not online yet

Has anyone checked out the new brand A New Day?  They’ve got cute shit.  The red sweater comes from their fall line.  Next time you’re in the store, go take a peak.




FOUR – Dad Bag // Can we take a moment to talk about the ever so trending, Dad Bag?  What has the world come to?  This is so wrong on so many levels.  Just warning you now, I unfortunately foresee this being brought to many white elephant parties over the Holidays.  And I’m certain, that I will indeed end up with one at some point.  FML

The tag line…..

Is your six-pack getting in the way of having the ultimate dad bod? Well you’re in luck, because the covetable physique may be easier to obtain than you thought.



(image: via)

They come in an array of skin tones.  Tone-ness.  Hair color/amount.  Want 3 rolls instead of 2, they’ve got you covered.


So wrong…lol!



FIVE – Links I ♥

Lauren Conrad’s Halloween costume is so good.  I read that her son is going to be a dalmatian dog

Pumpkin cutting board…NEED!

Did you say chicken + chardonnay?

Tassle napkins are so perfect.  For “looks” only though

Maj blazer envy

OMG, need to make these Meringue Ghosts

Salt + pepper pinch bowls

Bay would eat these Ham & Cheese biscuits

Who else wants this cardigan?

Okay, real question: What chicken pot pie recipe should I make next week?

1.One-Pot Chicken Pot Pie







And, that’s all she wrote.  Have a fab weekend.  And whatever you do or have planned, enjoy the shit out of it!!


xoxo stacyb




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