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{friday 5}

Needless to say, I’m pretty happy Friday is finally here!  Who’s with me?  After this weekend, I’m a free women.  I mean, not really.  But, I will feel like a free women…for a minute or so.  Lucky In Kentucky is Saturday and we are gearing up for the Omega Nu event of the year.  BIG thank you to everyone that bought tickets and is coming to support our organization.  Big hats + mint juleps + skeet shooting and all things Kentucky…can’t wait!!

Now lets chat about 5 things on my mind…..



ONE – Bitch Straw // Remember I posted Bailey’s Krazy Straw here on {friday 5}?  I mentioned that I kinda wanted to order myself one that said “bitch”  And guess what?  I went to Kaia for the first time innnnn….I’m too embarrassed to admit it here.  Anyway, Mallory, my Kaia coach handed me the bitch straw she had ordered for me!  I mean, how f’n sweet is that?  Pretty sure she intended for this straw to be used for a healthy Kaia smoothy….but, she knows me better than that.  It’s FRIDAY and this just seemed a little more up my ally!  Bogle + Bitch Starw + Friday go hand-in-hand!

Thank you Mallory, you made my week!

Love her!  Almost as much as I love to #chardsohard ♥




TWO – My Parental’s Anniversary // Whenever it’s someone’s anniversary the first thing that comes to my mind is Tony Toni Tone – Anniversary song…lol!  It starts playing in my head and pretty much kicks it there all day on repeat.  Ha!  Anyway…today is my creators 38th wedding anniversary.  Thirty Eight frickin years.  FOR-EV-ER!  Just wanted to wish them a happy day and many more to come!  Cheers to 38 years!!  Love you guys like a fat kid loves cake ♥




THREE – Peanut Butter Apple Slices // Not trying to pretend like I’ve been all healthy and shit this week.  If you follow me on snap chat, then you saw detox lunch yesterday.  It was the lunch of champions!  But, this is mine + Bay’s new jam.  Apple slices smothered with Laura Scudder’s peanut butter, then sprinkled with toppings.  You must try this.  I lost my beloved apple corer…sad day at our house.  Luckily Amazon has got my back.   Core apple.  Slice into thin rings.  Blot with a paper towel to remove moisture.  Spread peanut butter goodness over the apple slices.  Raid your pantry for toppings.  And you’ve got one helluva snack.

Toppings I used below:



Chopped walnuts

Mini chocolate chips

Honey (Seka Hills, obvi) – this one was the BEST!!




FOUR – Strapless Bra // Ladies, help a sister out!  I need THE VERY BEST STRAPLESS BRA!  I’m willing to break bread.  Anyone else been on the hunt for like, ever?  Currently I own two and hate them both equally.  With the off the shoulder craze and now the one shoulder, I need a bra that stays in place and it somewhat comfortable.  Is that too much to ask for?  Clearly it is.  I’ve tried on tons and can’t find the one!  I want to look forward to wearing my cute off the shoulders and strapless shit…not dread it!

This one here, the WACOAL Red Carpet Convertible Strapless Bra is loaded with 296 amazing reviews.  I’ve heard GREAT things about it.  Downfall….it doesn’t come in itty bitty titty committee sizes.  What the fuck?  Cup size H?  Jesus Christ!



{image via}



FIVE – Links I ♥

J.Crew cardmembers early access to NEW ARRIVALS

The dress of my dreams

May desktop background

Echo Show is so bad ass

This would look cute in my backyard

Poor Giada!  I bet you $100 that Nicole Kidman can’t even cook.

Happy mother’s day to me, from me 🙂

You know how I feel about sheet pan recipes

Blowdrying tip!

How dope are these sunglasses

Oh dang.  Churro waffles?

The foot reflexology that coach Cory posted about sounds AMAZEBALLS!!

Looks like I’m making a trip to Nugget for their Secret Special

From the cut-offs to the bag and that top…love it all


I hope you all dip a straw in some chard and enjoy the weekend!!


xoxo stacyb



6 thoughts on “{friday 5}

  1. Try the sticky chicken cutless bra things (idk the actual name) but they work lol! I bought mine at Nkrds they’re like $75 bucks and they look good. You can wear they with strapless and backless clothes 🙂

  2. Love your crazy straw! I had some Bogle wine yesterday evening….but I had to mix it with Sprite b/c I am, gasp! Not a huge wine drinker!

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