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{weekend notes}

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Happy Monday!  Hope you had a happy weekend too!  This is my thought today…Coffee (lots of it) till cocktails…lol!  I found this sweater at Target and it some how hopped in my cart as I walked by.  It’s pretty accurate!


Anyone else love checking the mailbox this time of year?  I get so excited to open all the Holiday cards from our family + friends.  Friday night was a good one.  Our card wall is almost full.

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Friday night Bay and I planed to have a chill “stay home day”  that’s what she used to call the weekends when she was little.  Not sure why, because we never stayed home?!?!

We kicked it in our PJ’s + tested some new recipes for the blog (stay tuned…they are bomb) + watched Home Alone!!  My ultimate top Christmas movie!  I can watch it twice in a row and be completely content.

Bay helping me made a delish TJ’s soup.

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Speaking of Christmas movies….what’s your favorite Christmas classic?


National Lampoon’s?

The Christmas Story?

And looking at this 25 days of Christmas TV got me thinking…not only do we have 6 days left of these awesome shows, but the Holidays will be here and gone in 6 days too.  Holy cow!




Yaya Christmas…..

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Instead of having it at the Stag, as I suggested.  We headed to Matchbook Winery for our get together + Favorite things exchange.

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I think it’s safe to say, the setting may have been a little nicer?!?!

Not to mention the staff treated us like queens!  We moved inside to out with the weather.  They were so incredibly accommodating.  Boomerang vidoes + Christmas card photo shoots + extra pours + food sharing.


Pre-party sips with these babes.

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I obvi wore my genuine faux fur for the occasion.  It was cold AF!



These are a few of my favorite things.  Anthro coffee mugs + OPI polish + Kahlua with Dutch Bros gift card + Chandon + Country Christmas CD + Chocolates and so much more.

If you’ve never been to a Favorite Things exchange…you need to change that.  So much fun and you end up with so many unique goodies at the end.

Here’s how it goes.  Set a price limit.  Each person brings their favorite thing (all the same) for each of the other girls.  We opened them one at a time together.  Lots of Oohh’s + aahh’s.

My legit favorite coffee mug + the most instagramed coffee mug was clearly my pick.

I bought cute little gift bags, but decided to scratch that idea.  They are too pretty to wrap up, if you ask me.  Cellophane + twine and done!

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  Anthropologie Limited Edition Golden Monogram Mug

** currently 20% off + you can still get them in time for Christmas!!!



The wine flowed.

I think I personally consumed at least a gallon of the rose alone!  No joke!



An abundance of food.  Which I also consumed about 1/2 of.

Thanks for the coasters Nicole…they were perfect!!!

To keep shit real classy we headed to the Stag nasty.


I mean look at the beer sweaters.  You can’t find those anywhere!


3 years later and we are still getting together monthly and having a great time!  Nikki – this was for sure one of the best ideas you ever had.  Love my Yaya’s and can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us!!  ♥

Peace + Love + Cocktails!!

We’ve made so many Holiday traditions.  Remember I am the holiday whore.  Holidays are my thing.  And making them special is my game:)  So lame…lol!

Sunday we decided to scratch a couple off our to-do list.

We had dinner at Paragary’s.  I was really impressed.  I have no clue why I always thought Paragary’s was like an Applebee’s?   I was sooo wrong!!!

The outside area is calling my name for a spring brunch.  It’s gorgeous!

I ordered the Hand-cut rosemary Pappardelle (carb diet, I tell ya) and it was to die for.  I cleaned my plate.  My mom ordered the salmon which was equally amazing.  Bay had a kids burger + fries.


The Nutcracker is a tradition we started when Bailey was a toddler.  I still can’t believe she sat through the 2 hour show so young.  She couldn’t sit still as a 10-year-old last


This time it was more special than ever before.  See those names below?

Kate + Chloe were the cutest little cherubs I’ve ever seen.  We are so proud of them ♥

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Afterwards the Fab 40’s + Ricks Dessert Diner.  The lights were just as beautiful as the years past.  So many families out selling hot chocolate + snacks.  We decided to drive since we were freezing cold in our dresses.

Rick’s ice cream sundaes haven’t changed either.  HUGE!  And I think everyone is Sac had the same idea we did.  Ricks was just as packed as the fab 40’s.  We had a great time regardless.



We are on our last week of school + work before Christmas.  It’s going to be a shit show of a week and I can’t wait 🙂


xoxo stacyb

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  1. A few things on my mind….
    1.The coaster say different things?! I had no idea!!! 😂
    2. You legs look fucking amazing, just saying.
    3. Where in the hell is your Hawaii post?! I have been checking religiously every morning!!!

    1. God I love you!!! <3
      1. Coasters had three sayings "Fuck it let's party" "Cheers Bitches" and I cant remember the last one…lol!
      2. You're sweet – thank you 🙂
      3. Hopefully coming tomorrow. So much good stuff and I don't want to miss anything. I've been working on it daily!! I'll text you as soon as it's done 🙂

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