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{weekend notes}


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Happy Monday friends.  I’m ready to tackle today head on.  My body is in need of a good detox and that’s exactly what it’s going to get.  Kaia girls – are you all prepped and ready?  I felt weird not doing any meal prep on Sunday.  That’s my day to get everything planned out and ready for the busy week.  I just have to drive to Oasis at 7:30am and voilà, breakfast + lunch + dinner + snacks are served.  Super looking forward to Peel’d.

Guess what we had for dinner Friday night?  Pizza, duh!!  I ordered a regular pepperoni + skinny garden.  I found a way to eat my favorite, but in a lighter way.  Skinny crust + olive oil (no sauce) + garden delight (all veggies) + No cheese (except feta).  It was delish.  Papa Murphy’s killed it.  Try it out next time your looking for a lighter pizza that tastes bomb.  Then Bailey + Ruby did their very own Kid Baking Challenge.  It was so damn cute.

I set out all the ingredients they need for their boxed cookies + brownies.

IMG_3840 (2)

Then I did a count down and they ran to the table to gather what they needed.

IMG_3841 (2)

They look so professional!!

The best part – Cory + I got to be the taste testers 🙂

They’ve requested that next time they do a full meal.  It’s fun to see how into cooking + baking they are.  I’d say its a good hobby.

Saturday morning I made it to Kaia Power Hour.  It was a sweet workout.  About 50 stations.  Each person at their own.  1 minute then we switched to the next station.  It went by soooo quick.  Before I knew it an hour had passed.  You know what they say, “the best workout is the one you’ve finished.”  I’m happy I did it.  Especially considering all the wine I planned to consume.

Then we headed to San Francisco.  All 7 of us.  We try to plan a fun girls trip once a year, sometimes twice, if we’re lucky.  This one didn’t disappoint.  It was a blast.  You put all of us together and laughter starts immediately.  And didn’t stop till Sunday morning.

No, we’re not moving in.  Just staying one night…lol.  And I said I packed light.


And then Nicole arrived, with champs in had.  She’s knows the key to our hearts.


Hotel shenanigan // Melika always comes with snacks.  Sara ironing my wrinkly dress that I planned to wear without ironing.  Thanks for helping a girl out, Sara!!  Cute wine glasses we toasted with.  Dance party too.  Only snap chatters got to view that beauty.


Hallway photo.  I asked one of the housekeeping ladies to take our pic.  She knew NO English and had never seen an iPhone before.  This was the best we could do.

Next stop was Drybar for blowouts.


Next time you’re in the city, you’ve got to book a Drybar appointment.  It’s $40 and they wash and style.  Your hair will never look + feel + smell better.  It’s amazing what they can do with some product and a blow dryer.  Last time I went, I took Bailey too.  She got the Shirley Temple and it was adorable.  I got the Southern Comfort.  My hair was huge and amazing.

This time I chose the Cosmo-Tai.  It’s a cross between the Cosmo + the Mai Tai.



Dress ($28) // Demin Jacket

I excel at double fisting.

You probably cant tell, because I couldn’t either – I wore my dress backwards all day/night.  I finally realized at dinner when I felt the tag on my neck.  It’s clearly reversible…haha.

This is my favorite pic of the weekend.  Big hair, don’t care!  Too bad we didn’t do a before and after.


Naturally we celebrated our Drybar victory the only way we know how…….



IMG_3746 (2)

Our poor Uber drivers.  They got some true raw entertainment.

We hit Little Italy for dinner.


Unfortunately Trattoria Contadina experienced an electrical issue and was unable to stay open for our reservation.  Their menu looks fab.  Luckily they allowed us to enjoy our bottle of champs in their bar while they made us reservations for an equally delicious Italian restaurant up the street.


Plastic cups + bubbles go hand in hand


Firenze By Night was a truly authentic experience.  From the servers, ambiance (naked statues) & menu.  I had the fettuccine with blackened calamari + clams + mussels.  I seriously cleaned my plate.  My wine glass too…lol.


Beach Blanket Babylon, remember {friday 5} when I wrote about this being on my bucket list and what I was super looking forward too?  In true Stacy fashion, I fell asleep.  I’m soooo pissed off at myself.  Why do I always fall asleep?  We had 9:30 pm tickets, I should have known better.  I did wake up in time for Tina Turner, which was bad ass.  And the last 30 minutes of the show.  FML.  I think it’s one of those things you either love it or you hate it.  From the parts I did see, I loved it.  But not everyone in our group would agree.



Thank you girls for another great trip for the books.  I cant wait for our next adventure.  Is it possible to love these B’s more today, then I did before this weekend?  The answer is Yes!!


Sunday was a chill day.  Just how I like my Sundays.  DVR.  Laundry.  Bailey baked cupcakes with Willow Oak 4-H.  Red Velvet + Lemon.  Yummm.  Made chicken enchiladas for GG + Cleaned pig pens.  Hawaiian chicken + artichokes for dinner….it’s a house fave.

IMG_3810.JPG ….and that’s all she wrote.

Here’s to another work week….Cheers!!

xoxo stacyb


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