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{first car // reminiscing}

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Spent the majority of my week car shopping πŸ”‘ which got me feeling real nostalgic.

What was your very first car? Mine?

1983 Chevy Celebrity. It was missing the β€œy” so we called it the Celebrit πŸ˜†

It was a hand-me-down from my Grandpa Brown. It reeked of stale Marlboro reds 🚬
The headliner was hanging down and it shook my whole body when I came to a stop sign.

But it was the BEST! So much freedom. The best memories. Forever grateful for that car!! And that’s all that matters.

Okay, I want to know…

What was your first car?

When I turned 18, I sold the Celebrity to a 16 year old girl for $500. She was just as PUMPED as I was when I got the keys. They bought a $10 part at Auto Zone – a motor mount, or something like that. And the shaking stopped. Ha!!

I bought myself a 1992 Honda Acord. It was my senior year in high school.

After the Honda, came the 2000 Chevy Silverado. This one was HIGH up on one of my most favorite cars. It got a couple digs in the side so I put magnetic bullet holes over them. Ha! And I think I had a bumper sticker that said: “Silly Boys, Trucks are for Girls” OMG – how embarrassing.

Once I racked up a shit-ton of miles on the Silverado, I drove to Hanlees Davis one day after work and bought myself a brand spankin new Dodge Ram Pickup. With a hemi! The only new car I have ever owned in my 40 years. Shortly after I got knocked up, had a baby and decided I needed a place for a stroller, diaper bag and all that stuff….

So I bought a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee. To date, the worst car I even owned.

After the Jeep, I splurged on a 2010 BMW 325i. That was the most fun car, for sure!

Then came the Honda Pilot, which I have driven for longer than I can count. It’s been hands down the most reliable car. It hit 185,000 miles and it’s time to part ways.

Anyway, if you’re still here reading my ramble – I hope it got you reminiscing about all your old cars + memories attached to them!!!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Double Ruffle Top | Skinny Jeans | Woven Bag (under $25) | Mule Sandal (similar) | Weekend Riot Sunnies | $9 Beaded Necklace (removed the shells) | Gold Bangle Set (under $8)

xoxo stacyb

2 thoughts on “{first car // reminiscing}

  1. First car was a Honda Accord hatchback. Probably circa 1984 or β€˜85. God that car was ugly and such a beater. Second car was a Chevy Blazer. Worst car ever. Spent so much time in the shop. Third was a *Chevy Silverado*. Great vehicle that was never the same after a Foster Farms big rig rear-ended me in front of the post office. What a freaking mess. I was the never the same after that either. After that, I got knocked up πŸ˜‚ and needed a vehicle I could carry a kid and a diaper bag without having to climb in. The next car was a Dodge Intrepid. It was fine, just not fun at all. I hardly remember that car. Next, Honda Pilot was awesome, but I was in a financial mess (like so many in 2007/2008), so traded it in for a Charger with a Hemi. Most fun car ever. Had pimpin’ wheels and getting on the freeway was like riding a roller coaster. Acceleration and I were best friends. Currently drive an Explorer. Has been extremely reliable and its ability to convert to so many different forms makes it the most useful car I’ve had. I would 100% buy another Explorer, even if it’s kind of a boring mom car. πŸ˜‚ Thanks for reminiscing. That was fun. 😘

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