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{boujee must haves}

Outfit Details: Show Stopper Sequin Duster Jacket | Levi’s Wedgie Straight

On Wednesday’s we wear sequins ✨ There is just something about wearing sparkles that is an instant mood lifter 🤗

I’m sharing all my favorite sparkly pieces + boujee must-haves since they kinda go hand in hand. Even @charliegolden.doodle has her fave, the @wizardpetcare paw + nose balm 🐶

My Boujee Must-Haves…..

Lumify | This shit is magic. Try putting one drop in on eye. Wait 2 minutes. Look in the mirror. I promise you will see a CRAZY difference. I used this every.single.morning.

Skin Bae | Ready for a glowup? “Skin Bae is mixed with good-for-you rosehip oil and the perfect blend of luxurious natural essential oils. Try this renowned all-natural facial serum if you’ve got skin issues and are looking for a natural skincare solution. Get a more radiant, tighter, and clearer complexion with our plant-based formula.” It’s legit! Kinda smells like a hippie, but I swear by this magic and use it at night after I wash my face.

Dime Brow Boost | Key Benefits: Flexible, long-lasting brow hold. Doesn’t flake when dry. Hair-boosting serum. Proprietary blend of amino acids and peptides. Vegan + Cruelty-Free. I was influenced by Sister Studio and she wasn’t wrong. LOVE this stuff.

Grande Lash | I started using this lash enhancing serum last year around Christmas time. When I run out and stop using it, I can 100% tell the difference. My lashes are so on point when I swipe this little brush across my lash line every night. I also give a little swipe in my brows too.

Bondi Boost | I am trying this duo for 30 days. I’m on my second week and happy to report, I am impressed! This shampoo/conditioner comes with a 30-day money back guarantee! “Level up your hair game and take your hair health to the next level with our best selling hair heros. Developed for aging, dull and thinning hair types, this duo is formulated with powerful botanical extracts (Rosemary, Peppermint, Saw Palmetto) and gentle cleansers resulting in healthier, stronger and thicker-looking hair” I’m down to try anything for those results!

J.R. Watkins Menthol Camphor Ointment | My family is BIG Menthol Camphor lovers. I can picture this tin can sitting on my GG’s nightstand. And that’s where I keep it too! I apply on my lips every time I brush my teeth. And always right before bed. Cooling, soothing menthol & camphor. Helps relieve the congested feeling of a chest cold and suppresses the accompanying cough. The rub also provides temporary relief of arthritic and rheumatic pain, backache, sprains, strains, lumbago, and bruises. Proudly made in the USA, Animal testing-free!!!

Outdoor Hands Intense Skin Therapy Cream | Cory actually bought me this for Christmas. I think he found it at Tractor Supply…lol! You guys – it’s GOLD! I have one on my desk and next to my bed. It’s the only thing that worked for my overly washed + sanitized covid hands. And I’m still using it almost a year later. Nothing, in my opinion, compares.

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads | The texture of my skin has never felt better. I use these after I was my face in the morning + at night. WHAT IT DOES: Cleanses the skin of dead skin cells in less than 1 minute. Acts on 2 levels, as a chemical and physical exfoliant. Evens out the complexion to help promote skin radiance. Clean ingredients: formulated without parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, silicone, petroleum & phthalates.. Vegan: free from the use of animal products, by-products or GMOs. Cruelty free: rigorous standards prohibit the use of animal testing at all stages of the production process

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Anti-perspirant/Deodorant | This is a new-to-me boujee purchase. I was a solid Secret Deodorant user for years, probably since high school. Well, the last couple of months – that shit just quit working for me. I read the reviews and decided to bite the bullet and give this a try. SOLD! I will re-purchase again and again!

Certainly not a Must-Have, but definitely Boujee AF! If Golden Goose sneakers are your jam, or you’re shopping for Christmas – I found them on major sale. Some are over $100 off. Free express shipping. Free returns. Here are my top picks….

And last but not least, Charlie’s boujee product that she LOVES!


I have been applying to Charlies nose + pads each day and she digs it! Intently softens + conditions. Without a mess!

“Keep your pet’s feet happy and healthy with our effective all natural paw soother balm & moisturizer. Our superior formula is not too thick, creamy or sticky and absorbs well to clear up dryness, scratchy and callused, hard paws”

How To Use: Gently massage into your pet’s paw pads to heal and protect. Use regularly for best results.

Put this in your dogs stocking!

Outfit Details: Show Stopper Sequin Duster Jacket | Levi’s Wedgie Straight

What’s your boujee must-have product? I want to know. And I want to try it! ha!!

xoxo stacyb

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