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{spring to-do’s}

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And just like that, it’s SPRING! CHEERS! Well, officially this Saturday. To say I am excited for the season change is an understatement.  I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me talk about it…HA!!  Spring always seems to be the season we wait the longest for. 

The shift from Winter to Spring always leaves me feeling super inspired too.  Always craving to create + explore after the Winter/Covid blues (which is a legit real thing).  I think we all, mentally NEED  Everything seems to suddenly come to life!!! Including myself.

Spring To-Do’s

  • Find the perfect flowering quince for the front yard
  • Stay at Indian Springs
  • Plan a tipsy brunch (that accidentally lasts all day)
  • Get tips on the rooftop at Charmaine’s + El Techo
  • Plan a road trip
  • Al fresco dinners as much as possible 
  • Hike the Half Dome 
  • Spend all my money on plants
  • Plan a pub bike crawl/ride (who’s in?)
  • Enjoy the Gindestone Wine club
  • Day trip to The Happy Dahlia Farm 
  • Find a swim suit I actually LOVE
  • Play a round of golf with girlfriends
  • Watch the sunset
  • Try a new hair style 
  • Visit Korine in San Diego
  • Spend Spring Break in Hawaii
  • Try Mermaid Sushi 
  • Blog + post more home decor
  • Hit my 200th Peloton ride
  • Fresh (spiked) lemonade from our backyard lemons
  • Ride bikes to dinner 
  • Have family photos taken (and maybe even hang on our wall)
  • Try a cooking/baking class 
  • Make the ultimate Dogcuterie Board
  • Plan a weekend of purging + yard sale
  • Style/decorate our spare room aka dog room / Peloton room / Cory’s office 

Keeping a running list is a great way to remember all seasonal things you enjoy doing or look forward to do. When we have a free weekend, I like to refer to our To-Do’s and check items off as we go.

SHOP: Puff Long Sleeve Eyelet Top(size up) | Levi’s Wedgie Icon High-Rise Jeans | Bennet Strappy Vachetta Leather Mules (size up) 50% off

xoxo stacyb

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  1. Just found your site…love it! Two things….I-can’t find Hostess Donut cereal for Bunny Bait…Amazon doesn’t have either. Any suggestions for substitution? Also saw your mother’s recipe for Chicken Tortilla Casserole. Trying to find it to make and can’t find it..can you help? Thank you for sharing all your creative ideas. I’ll be back!

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