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SHOP: Dress | Stadium Purse | Denim Jacket (30% off)

Amazon addicts unite! Ha! I never thought I was a big Amazon-er. Then I started compiling this blog post and one thing led to another and I was going down the rabbit hole. And I realized, I’m an amazon whore…lol!

Truth: I’m still to cheap to pay for Prime so, I hack into my sister + Cory’s account to use theirs.

I’ve listed everything out with prices and a brief reason why I dig this item.

Do you have any of these Amazon finds? If so, let a sister know. Is there something I MUST try? Let me know!

Eyeglass Chain | Sunglasses | Wine Glass | {DIY pumpkin centerpiece}

My Top Amazon Finds

The Skinnytaste Air Fryer Cookbook $11 // I LOVE Skinny Taste recipes. They are all Weight Watchers friendly and still delicious + fresh. If you have an air fryer, this cookbook is a MUST! I check this book out from the library (remember – cheap AF) to make sure it was worth all the hype and it delivers!

Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay $10 // I discovered this mask last year and have been doing it (almost) weekly since. I mix the powder clay with equal parts apple cider vinegar + water. You can feel it working while it dries on your face. And you don’t use much, so this container will last you a long ass time.

8 Pack Stainless Steel Straws $4 // Save the turtles! This 8-pack comes with the cleaner brush, which is a must. I give them a quick one though with the brush and pop them in the dishwasher. Bay and I both use these religiously.

Gellen Gel Polish Starter Kit With Lamp $45 // My girl Sarah introduced this Gel Kit to me. She gave me an at home gel mani that legit lasted 2 weeks. Saves money and time for sitting in the nail salon. And I think we can all agree – that’s a win win!

Tinkle Razor $4 // Do you shave your face yet? If not, you really should. I even wrote a post about it: {i shaved my face and you should too} And NO, you will not grow a beard!

Milani Stellar Lights Highlighter Palette $9 // The best highlighter palette. You get a bang for your buck. I don’t use highlighter daily, but it’s fun for going out or special occasions.

Wood Bead Garland  $12 // This is on my need to order list. I have a strand of felt ball garland and I used them all over the house to decorate. They are a fun accessory for centerpieces + coffee tables….you name it. And I love the tassels.

LUMIFY Eye Drops $11 // These are truly magic. They instantly make my eyes crystal clear. Even after a wine bender with Alex. Ha! I use them almost daily when I’m getting ready.

Conair Handheld Garment Steamer $62 // If you know me, then you know I despise ironing clothes. This handheld steamer is a lifesaver. You add water and it’s ready in seconds. Just sweeping it in and up + down motion over the clothing, you’ll see the wrinkles vanish!

Foot File  $7 // Sounds so nasty, but I find filing my feet to be VERY satisfying. lol! I like to file my feet in the shower. Lube them up with lotion after my shower and slip on some socks. Then when I’m ready for the morning, my feet are crazy soft.

Clear Purse Stadium Approved $25 // I purchased this stadium bag for our George Strait concert in Vegas last month. The description said Football Stadium approved, but lets be real – this bag wont ever see a football stadium. Ha! It’s very spacious. A bonus inner bag for private/personal items you may not want anyone to see. I think it’s the most stylish stadium bag I’ve ever seen.

Starbucks Grande 16 oz Mocha Swirl Cold Cup Tumbler $25 // I’m a sucker for tumbler cups. I bring 3 to work with me each day….swear. Water. Iced Tea. Iced coffee. This is the one cup I grab the most. Doesn’t hurt that it’s super cute!

Boho Maxi Long Dress $24 // I grabbed my dress from a local boutique. Which sold out months ago. Then saw bloggers all over rocking the same dress. Wore this on repeat all summer and plan to continue wearing it with a denim jacket through fall.!

1 Gallon Water Bottle $19 // Another item I don’t personally own, but NEED! You fill it up once and you know exactly how much water you’ve consumed over the day. They are huge. I just love the concept for my fellow water drinking slackers.

myCharge HubMini Portable Charger $50 // These charges are legit. Once fully charged, these myChargers will fully charge 2 devices. Great for traveling. Or when you iPhone is old AF and cant hold a charge any longer. I’ve tried the cheapy ones and they don’t compare to this one!

Wet Brush $9 // The ONLY brush Bay will use. It’s great for tangles!

[20 value pack] single one compartment $13 // Still on my original 20-pack of these lunch containers. And I’d say I bought them 2 years ago. They are the perfect size. Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe. Great for meal prepping. For $13, don’t pass these things up!

SUPER Oversized Square Sunglasses $11 // You’ve seen me rocking these quit a bit the last month. I bought them thinking I’d hate them. Turns out I frickin love them. They come in 4 color options too!

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion $17 // If you stop by our house around 9pm, you’ll likely see me and my teenager walking around with pink dots all over our faces. lol! This drying lotion is amazing for pimples. Shit you not – it works! You wake up and if it’s not almost gone, it’s damn near it. Take away the redness too.

Eyeglass Chain  $13 // Last but not least, my grandma eyeglass chain. Love it of hate it – I’m here for it. I think they are so fun. And for $13 why not add a new accessory to your sunnies? Try it. You’ll love it too!

Eyeglass Chain | Sunglasses | Wine Glass | {DIY pumpkin centerpiece}

SHOP: Dress | Stadium Purse | Denim Jacket (30% off)

You can shop each item by clicking on the images below……

(remember you use the arrow to the right to scroll though all the images)

Happy Thirsty Thursday! And CHEERS to tomorrow being FRIDAAAAYYYYY!

xoxo stacyb

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