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{target bogo}

Wonder if there is a margarita somewhere out there thinking about me too? Anyone else counting down till happy hour? Have the happiest Friday and great weekend, my friends!

I’m beginning to think I should change my blog name to xoxo target! Ha! Here comes another Target post.

You guys, I bought long shorts. Not like Mom shorts. Which I consider 4″ inseam. These are the lonnggg to my knees, shorts. They are back! Wasn’t sure it would be my thang, but turns out….I’m kinda diggin em. We’ll chat more about that next week.

So, what prompted annnnother Target post, I went in to pick up my long shorts order. Saw a sign that said “select tops” BOGO (buy one get one) 50% off. It’s select AF, but I was able to find some cute shit.

I was planning on just doing a quick dressing room try-on……

And I accidentally brought them all home with me. You can’t pass up a deal like that.

Before we get started, does anyone follow Sister Studio on Instagram? She has the best affordable style. One of those chicks that looks cute in EVERYTHING she puts on. She does lot of Target and Old Navy. I died when she did her Old Navy dressing room try-on this week and brought her damn windex and paper towel in her bag. She straight up cleaned the mirror before she got started. Ha! Smart bitch!

Sometimes, when there is a top already in the dressing room, I’ll “lightly” dust the mirror with it. There, I admitted it.

Dressing room mirrors are so nasty. And this one is proof!

Okay, here are the tops you NEED! And when I say need, I’m not fuckin around. Get them. They’re on sale! You’ll kick yourself come Sunday when they’re all back to full price!

Margaritas Por Favor // I mean, come one. Was this tank made for me? I think yes! I’m actually drinking mass amounts of margs tonight, to be honest. But, you probably already guess that!

If only + Target stores could get it together. This is not online just yet, but I’ve seen it in 2 different Target Stores. It’s Fifth Sun and is $12.99. Get one and let’s be Marg twins!

Black Denim | Phone Case 

Black Denim | Phone Case

Square Neck Eyelet Top // I wore this top yesterday and got some many compliments. Everyone guessed J.Crew. Nah, Target! I just love saying that…ha! True to size and perfect length for a front or all around tuck. The back is not eyelet it’s a plain solid navy and I really like that about this top! Oh, and it comes in white too! It was a hard decision. I haven’t bought much navy lately, so it won! Shout out to Vacaville Target for GREAT lighting. But, check out that poor, dirty mirror.

Square Neck Eyelet Top | Black Denim 

Square Neck Eyelet Top | Black Denim

Floral Off The Shoulder Top // Love the boho vibe this top has going. It can be worn off the shoulder or pulled up on your shoulders too. The split neck ties so you can keep it laced up for let it all out…ha! The tie front can be un-tied for a front tuck. This one also comes in an off white floral print that is pretty cute.

Floral Off The Shoulder Top | Black Denim

Floral Off The Shoulder Top | Black Denim

Waffle Cardigan // I know it’s not cardi weather anymore, but this one is really good. Super duper lightweight. Oversized. Has pockets…winning! I put it on for shits and giggles, and fell hard for it. The coloring is off in this photo. It’s more of a golden bright yellow. Really diggin it withe the white, black + leopard here.

Waffle Cardigan | Black Denim | White Cami | Leopard Flats (30% off)

Waffle Cardigan | Black Denim | White Cami | Leopard Flats (30% off)

Floral Square Neck Top // This is not a top I’d typically pick up. Do you ever see someone grab something and thing, hmmm. I kinda like it now because you do? Ha. That sounds weird. But, that totally happened. Saw a chick trying it on in the dressing room and asked her where she found it. Made a mad dash for it. End of story. Square necks are super in right now. It makes a great frame for your neckline + chest. Add a dainty necklace and you’re good to go.

Floral Square Neck Top | Black Denim

I’ve linked up some others that I either own or am crushing on at the moment. When you see a BOGO 50% off….you gotta JUMP!

You can shop each item by clicking on the images below……

Have a great weekend. And don’t forget to hit up Target STAT!

xoxo stacyb

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