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{weekend notes}

Suffering from a case of the Spring Show hangover. I’m exhausted. I cannot even imagine how all the kids are feeling today. So proud of not only my girl, but all the Spring Show kids. It was a busy weekend and these kids gave it their all in the show ring.

Today is the first Monday since January that we aren’t sitting in a barn weighing pigs. Cleaning. Feeding. Walking. Feels really f’n weird, to be honest. After an exciting 4 months and weekend, I feel like I’m a free woman lol. What will we do with our evenings?

Intentions for the Week:

  • Get my hair done…it’s been over 8 weeks, so you get it
  • Share a Mother’s Day Gift Guide
  • Buy toilet paper…..we’ve got 1 roll and we live in a two story. HA!
  • Kick it at home as much as possible
  • MOD pizza battle of the middle schools on Wednesday
  • Use the Weight Watchers app religiously
  • Thank Yous to everyone who helped my girl over the weekend
  • Talk about a new trend I’m jumping on
  • Tie out my calendar

This week on the blog: Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Last years was one of my top blog views {gift guide: mothers day} A blog post about new things that are trending. And lastly, baby steps to getting a little greener.

Highlights from the weekend…..

Warning – this post is going to contain wayyy too many pig pics. Our entire weekend was dedicated to Bay and her 4-H project

We celebrating Cory’s first hole in one with a fancy McDonalds dinner for two. He went to work at 4am. Hauled pigs to the fairgrounds. Tried to sneak off to golf in his men’s league. Only to have to turn around and head back to the fairgrounds for pig weigh-in. Then back to the golf course to play the best round of his life. We probably should have celebrated with a better dinner…lol.

Farm Connection Day. Cousins. Benny’s first. Bay’s 8th.

Barn mates ❤️ I can’t get over how much these girls remind me of us at that age. So crazy.

We celebrated Joe’s 11th birthday At In-N-Out with his homies and the family. I like Joe’s restaurant pick.

These pretty girls are show ready

Bay + Archie doing their thing for Showmanship. I love watching her show. The improvement from last year to this year was so impressive. Special thanks to Nikki for taking time and working with Bay.

“Say cheese” this might be my favorite picture of the weekend. Bays biggest fans, Charley + Andee.

Spring Show Moms + some of my all time favorite ladies. Thanks for the “coffee” Robin 😉

Back in the show ring for market with Timothy.

Then Archie.

Reserve Champion Yorkshire. The final 3 York’s were all out of the same litter. Well done E&H Show Pigs.

Bathing beauties.

Buyers gift. Found this cute metal pig platter at Serendipity Boutique. And the cookies were ordered. I didn’t even mess with baking this weekend.

Spring Show Barn Dance

While the girls got down at the dance, we hauled pigs back to the barn. Archie was so happy to be home. And Penny the pig is going to be a new E&H breading project.

Our last morning feeding.

Forever grateful for aunt Penny and everything she did for Bailey this year. What started off as a pretty terrible pig season ended up being Bays best yet. She (we) learned so much. Grew so much. Never once did Bay complain about shoveling pig poop or going to the barn. Raising two pigs is a huge commitment and I’m so proud of her hard work and dedication to these pigs.

“Milkshakes make the auction better”. Thank god for the milkshake stand. You cant cry while eating ice cream! It’s just not possible.

We’re going to miss “spillin the tea” with these girls in the barn every evening #pigposse

Martini Mama Liz made us a final-final to celebrate the end of Spring Show.

Hope you had a great weekend. Got to enjoy the perfect weather. Sip some chard or whatever your drink of choice and relax. This week is going to be a real chill one at our house, that’s for sure.

Come back tomorrow for a Mother’s Day gift guide filled with ideas for all the Mamas in your life.

xoxo stacyb

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