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{weekend notes}

Hi friends. Hope you all had a great weekend. This weekend I filled up “my cup” with the a work outs + good people + some early spring cleaning and decorating + meal prepping. Doing things that make me feel good. And things that make me forget my phone. What do you do to fill up your cup?

Intentions for the Week:

  • Watch the Summer House Premiere (sneak peek: Summer House Season 3)
  • Share recent Target Finds
  • Get blonde AF
  • Put the finishing touches on my Easter Table
  • Make pizza with TJ’s NEW Broccoli + Kale crust
  • Try a new face mask
  • Hit my daily step + water goal
  • DIY Spring wreath tutorial
  • Join Weight Watchers
  • Work on our Spring To-Do’s

This week on the blog: Chicken Tortilla Soup, after LOTS of request. J.Crew new arrivals. Target Finds.

Highlights from the weekend……

A Star is Born

We’ve been starting our weekends on Thursday’s lately. Thursday night my Mom came over and we watched A Star Is Born. Bay hadn’t seen it yet. For some reason, she wasn’t a HUGE fan, like my Mom and I? We ordered the original and I cannot wait to watch Barbara Streisand + Kris Kristofferson.

Barn Duty

Bay us lucky to have a personal pig walker. Cory leaves out of town for a week and we are going to miss him BIG TIME!

Brenda is such a babe!

Blue Note

I miss our standing Blue Note dates in the Spring + Summer. And to my surprise we ended up having a big fun group. Beers + Squeeze Inn burgers…yummm

NOTE: DO NOT park in the parking lot next door to Blue Note. I repeat DO NOT park there. The owner of Teal Networks showed to be a true prick! Police were involved and we got to go home!!

Saturday Sale Finds

Found some GREAT deals on Madewell items at Nordstrom Rack

8am Target Runs

When you find a cute top on at 6am and have to wait till 8am for the store to open…lol. That’s what happens when you wake up at 5am on Saturdays. I’m ready to party by 8…lol!

Nikki and I braved the cold and rain for a quick Farmer’s Market trip. And I found the MOST beautiful flower quince. My Grandma bought me a flowering quince plant when I moved into my first home. I drive by it all the time and it is crazy gorgeous.

Then we landed at Philz for a cup of coffee + catch up sesh

I asked Bay one thing she really wanted to do over the weekend. Pedicures. Done! God knows, we were way overdue.

When Alex calls and say’s “want to have margaritas?”

Actual footage of me:

Family Dinner // My Mom hooked it up!

Bay’s Favorite Blueberry Muffins

I’ll share all the details on Friday 5

When they put you in charge of the Garlic Bread

The magic ingredient: Mayo!! Don’t knock it till you try it!

Garlic Bread

  • Servings: 1 loaf
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


Pig Barn Sunday

Hangry AF!

Cory Cooks Sunday Dinner.

Short ribs. Mashed potatoes. Honey roasted carrots. BOMB!

Have a great Monday! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my homegirl Sarah P’s famous Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe. It’s a good one!


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