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{things I’m loving}

Day 2 of 365.  But in my book it’s really day 1.  Since I was hungover and didn’t do shit yesterday, today feels more like that New year new me kinda day.  Ya feel me?

Except, it’s a new year, same ol me.  Ha!  Nothings changed.

I got goals….and a word.  But I really don’t feel like chatting about that today.  How about I share some thing I’m loving?  That sounds more fun.



Pantone Color of the Year // Living coral.  Currently trying to find all the ways to incorporate the color throughout my house and life…lol.

SOMA Water Pitcher // I’ve had my eye on these water filters for a while now and got one for Christmas.  Not only are they chic AF but it reduces chlorine + mercury + copper from your water.  And I’m buying less bottled water which is a huge WIN!

Calf Hair D’Orsay Flats // Merry Christmas To: Me.  From: Me!  The price dropped and I had to pull the trigger.  LOVE the look and they legit go with way more than you’d think.  Leopard never went “out”, but it’s for sure wayyy “in” right now.

Northside Vintage Tee // After searching for the PERFECT crew neck tee, I found it!  Cheap…I’m talking $14.50.  Super soft + flattering. Get two, because you’ll want to wear it everyday!

TULA Skincare // For the first time ever, I bought a skin care line.  Used it.  Loved it.  Bought it again when I ran out.  Un-fucking-heard-of.  I swear by this stuff #magic

3-Day Cleanse // I get asked all the time about what 3-day cleanse I swear by.  This is it.  $7 and this shit works….literally!  Ha!  Wrote about it here and here!

Stainless-Steel French Press // Another Christmas gift I’m super excited about.  Last week I perfected the cup of black coffee last week.  I’ll share in stories tomorrow.

Heart Mug //  I couldn’t help myself when I saw this cute mug.  It comes in pink too.  There is just something about drinking a cup of coffee in a cute mug.  Right?

Umani Seasoning // My newest Trader Joe’s find.  Everything but the Bagel has some serious competition.  Umani meaning: savory.  It’s got a salty bite, but also a little spice, some heat, a little herby earthy kinda vibe.  I’m diggin it on my eggs right now.  It’s $2.49.  Runnn!

(re)zip Leak-proof Clear Reusable // I’ve talked about these before too.  They now come in every shape and size.  Which makes me giddy…ha!  Still 100% obsessed with reducing my household waste and zip locks are one of my biggest problems.  They are leak proof, I put them to the test!!

Felt Ball Garland // My homegirl Alex gave me this felt ball garland for Christmas. I have been moving them all over the house.  Totally in love with them.  I saw a post that they are currently marked down to $12 at A Well Stocked Home.  Fun natural decor is my jam!

Marmot Jacket // Cory picked out this Marmot jacket for Christmas.  It’s exactly what I needed.  Flattering too.  It’s $100 off the original price right now.  So, I thought I should share since it’s that good!


Happy Hump Day!!!


xoxo stacyb


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