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{table talk}

No more living room floor picnics at our house!  Finally!  Ha.  If you follow along on Instagram stories, then you saw all our fancy floor sitting dinners we had.
Remember back in August when we had our first (and last) garage sale?  I sold my dinning room table.  My Mom was stressed the fuck out.  She was beside herself that I would sale something that I didn’t have a replacement for.  A piece of furniture that was completely in good condition.
She clearly has NO faith in me!
Just kidding, she was being a Mom.  I sold the table + chairs for almost the same price I bought it for back in 2002.  Yes, I said 2002.  The table was one of the first pieces of furniture I ever purchased as an adult.  It came from McMahan’s.  Remember that place?  Where InShape Fitness is now.  Crazy, right?  And chances are, I even financed that $100 table.  They were BIG on financing everything…lol.
Anyway, I just felt like it was time to part ways.
I was ready for a change.  My motto with the dreaded move….
“Sell it”
“Toss it”
A week later, as I was deleting all the 837 daily J.Crew, Madewell, Nordstrom, GAP, American Eagle, Pottery Barn emails, I came across…..
World Market 50% off dinning room furniture.
I gathered my Explorer Rewards + promo codes and pulled the trigger.  With a $320 savings (off the original price) I’d say it was meant to be.
Even my Mom agrees!
I love a good deal.
And pretty shit!
Unfortunately I have to make a trip to Napa to pick up the bench.  Darn it!  I hate the wine country….said no one ever!
Using even more promo codes, I was able to score the bench for $102!
Still not set on chairs.  Stay tuned!
Honest – I had NO idea how incredibly happy this table would make me.  Not just that it’s a table.  But, our new house is begging to feel like a home.  And a dinning room table is kind of a big deal!
You can shop or check out my table setting below!!!  Message me or comment if you have any questions at all.  I’m honest AF!


I originally had my heart set on this table runner.  White obvi.  White is my jam!  When it comes to anything home decor.
Then I saw this beauty.  The Anika runner.  My Mom convinced me to get it.  She’s more of a color home decor person.  I love it so much.  Just the right about of color.  And still enough white/neutral tones to not freak me the fuck out.  I have to admit, the white runner would have been a bit boring.



We broke in the new table Sunday night.  About 3 hours after it was put together.  I was so pumped.  Not to mention, I think GG was a little worried she’d show up to a picnic dinner.  She made the comment a week prior that I’d better get a table before I invite her over for dinner.  Deal GG!




My Mom talked me out of these gorgeous gold dipped vases.  I think I’ll go back without her and grab them though 🙂  Sorry Mom, they’re gold and I kinda love them!  Wouldn’t they be a perfect addition?

Gold Faceted Glass Vase


If you’re in the market for dinning room furniture or dinning table decor, NOW is the time.  Everything is market down at World Market now through Tuesday, September 19th!
So many great inexpensive options to choose from!  Check out the links below.


xoxo stacyb

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