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{weekend notes}


Hey hey hey!  Happy Monday!  I feel like I haven’t written, I mean typed, those words in sooo long.  Tell me, how the heck are you guys doing?  How was your weekend?  Lots of exclamation points, I hope! 🙂


Here’s some of my highlights…..


Last day of school //

Friday was the last day of school/last day of the 5th grade.  Just like that, in the blink of an eye, I have a 6th grader.  OMG!  How in the world did that happen?  Followed by a perfect report card, one again.  She grew (literally) so much over her 5th grade year, its unreal.  Bay spent the day swimming at the Nelson pool with her favorite homies.  Thanks for the fun afternoon Tom + Robin!!!



Pizza + Wine at the Truitt’s //

We watched Charley take off on his bike minus training wheels.  So cute.  Seems like years ago Bailey learned to ride a bike.  It brought back memories.

Pizza, my personal Friday night jam.  And chard.  And Yahtzee!   It was good!

No pictures.  I never looked at my phone 🙂


Measurements //

Post BRIK weight/measurements happened Saturday morning.  I’ll be sharing more this week.  Thank you Coach Kori + Coach Kaitlyn for waiting for my late (as always) ass!  The new CORE sessions began today!!   I chose to sleep in though.  FML!  See you Wednesday.



Swim meet //

Bay’s first swim meet of the year.  I watched my girl come in first (for her heat) for the backstroke.  So proud of her.


Lunch with Mom //

We tried out the new Midtown Cantina Alley.  I’ve had this spot on my list of places to try since they opened in April.  This little gem is located in the center of Jazz Alley!  They killed it with the atmosphere, decor and ambiance.  You feel like you’re in Mexico!  It’s authentic AF.

Obvi we started with the margarita la sandia.  They claim it’s for 2 peeps, but I can’t lie, I could have polished it off all on my own 🙂


We shared the flautas + fish tacos.  If you make a trip to this place, you MUST order the fish tacos.  It was a fried (which I’m not always a fan of) red snapper that was to die for.

I’ll be back!



Martini Mama Liz //

When Jerry + Liz invite you over for dinner.  You say “absolutely!”  Because….

  1. Jerry one helluva chef.  Just take a look at that risotto.
  2. Liz makes the VERY BEST martini’s ever!  Hence her nickname, Martini Mama Liz!
  3. It’s always a good time.
  4. The conversations are always something we talk about for weeks…lol.
  5. It comes with an Uber 🙂  #jerry


Good times as always!  Can’t wait for next time!!

And take a look at their beautiful backyard!!


(somehow I didn’t get a single picture with Korine:( )

* I wore this top two nights in a row…ha!  Thanks J.Crew factory for making the most comfy off the shoulder tee.  It’s marked down to $24 today and comes in 4 color options.

Off the shoulder T-shirt


Blue Ridge Hike //

We woke up early AF and headed to Berryessa to hit the Blue Ridge Trail before every other mother in the world made it there!  I haven’t hiked this trail since, I believe 2014?  It’s crazy how much different spots on the trail looked since the fire.  This 4.75 mile loops is killer.  Not only on your legs + ass, but the views are just as killer.

This is the ONLY way from the parking lot to the trail.


We headed up the Homestead route aka THE STAIRS!


Here’s an idea of what a portion of the trail looks like.

The breathtaking views make all the sweat, stairs, and creepy lizard crossings totally worth it!

I mean, take a look at that!


When we asked a fellow hiker to take our pic…lol



Thanks for being our hike leader, Jessie!  We were in and out it 2 1/2 hours.  Jessie kept us going with little stops, other than the gorgeous view points + selfies:)

I always feel so accomplished after completing a tough hike!



Post hike provisions + libations at Preserve hit the spot!  The Berreyssa Burger, because it seemed so fitting after taking in the views.  And my new beer pick, Allagash White (recommenced by Hey Jessie) and I loved it.  So much I had another!


And that’s all I got!


Have a fabulous Monday!  Bye!

xoxo stacyb

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