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I’m alive!

I promise I will get back to the blog…maybe next week?  Maybe tomorrow?  I have so many recipes + #ootd’s + cute shit to share with you all!  But until then, I wanted to share a little of this + a little of that, since I had a couple free moments 🙂


I’ve been a little MIA here, but I did start a xoxostacyb facebook page.  Well, actually Instagram made me do it.  In order to have a Personal Blog page, you must first have a business facebook page.  Long story short….all my Instagram photos automatically post on this fb page now.  Click here and follow…..xoxostacyb – Facebook!!  If you want 🙂

Tomorrow is the last day of Kaia Fit BRIK!  I killed it at the challenge. My measurements on the other hand…not too sure yet.  Pray for me!

I will be using this cute printable to capture a last day of school photo of my soon to be 6th grader.  How did that happen so fast?

We checked out the new restaurant, Sakura Hibachi & Sushi last weekend.  Love new options, especially fun dining spots in town.  Watch out for the flying zucchini and shooting sake!

Going to try Cryotherapy next week.  Has anyone done it before?  I hear it’s chilly….Ha!

All the organizations that I volunteer with have wrapped up for the summer.  Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s are freeeee and I’m looking forward to doing absolutely nothing.

Baskin Robbins flavor of the month: Twix bar cookie pieces, chocolate flakes and a caramel ribbon collide in caramel and chocolate malt ice creams to deliver classic candy bar flavor in every scoop!  (I really shouldn’t know this though)

Our 8th Annual Bike Parade invites went out this week.  I’ve got red + white + blue brains at the moment.  I’m thinking this top is a must for the day!!

One of my favorite wineries announced today that they are opening a tasting room at the Old Sugar Mill.  How excited!!!

Mastering a sheet pan omelette recipe to share with you all.  It’s going to been a good one.  Stay tuned!


xoxo stacyb











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