{weekend notes}

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A day late and a dollar short!  Yesterday I just didn’t feel like writing.  WTF happened to me?  I always have plenty to say…haha!  I guess I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to the weekend yet.



Friday night with my PIC Nikki!  Dinner + Drinks are always a good idea.


{photo via: thehillbillyhippie}

Yes we still boomerang our cheers just about every time we are together.  It’s kind of our thing!  #charsohard

Saturday was spent vegging + shopping + sushi + make-up.  I got my make-up done by some dude in Nordy’s.  I even bought all the shit.  I blame it on the lunchtime beverages.

Pre-drinks at the Nakagaki’s.  Liz makes the best martini in town.  Swear!


Crab feed with some of my favorites ♥


The chard was flowing + photo booth was poppin + dance floor booty shaking + scooter rides….I’d say it was a good night!!!  If only I had a better picture of Alex’s fro!

Sunday was the Lady Gaga concert.  I think there might have been some kind of sporting event too?  Ha.  I hate football, remember?

She straight up killed it.  Not to mention her straight up kick ass body!  Dammmnn Gaga!!


Bailey won some dollar bills!  She said it was the best super bowl party she’s ever been too 🙂

Andrea modeling her super cute new cargo vest, that she bought inspired by xoxostacyb 🙂  So clearly she needs a shout-out!

You can wash dishes and rock this vest looking fly AF!  Love it!!


You can find Andrea’s vest here:

Mossimo Cargo Vest


Ps…Andrea wore it better.  So much cuter with a white T-shirt under!!!  Don’t you agree?

One last weekend hurrah at Melika’s last night.


She even convinced Pizza Guys to make her an early heart pizza for the kids ♥

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Our crazy kids modeled Melika + Anthony’s shoes for us….lol!


Today was a good one.  Our final fit test for this BRIK session.  We start out with stations, run, then end with this board.  Today we got to skip the run, due to the nasty rain + wind.  But, Melika will be coaching Thursday, which means we will make up that run.  Probably double time.  She does not F around!

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Stations for 90 seconds each…..

Sit ups + kettle ball swing + push-ups + pull-up/row + burpees + jump ropes.

I felt super sluggish, but my numbers don’t show it!  Monday’s workout has my body crying still.

My best increase was jump ropes…..if you notice, today I didn’t have to take a bathroom break.  Jump ropes make me pee evvverrrry single time.  Week #3 I shaved off 35 seconds from my timed run.  This too is BIG TIME!

I got through the AMRAP board exactly twice.  When Mallory called time I finished my very last burpee!  Thank god, because I was about to die!

Now let’s see how much more I can shave off Thursday morning run?!?!?

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Cheer to Tuesday!


xoxo stacyb

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