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{friday 5}



I treasure the month of December!  It encompasses so many things I love ♥

Extra time with family & friends+ baking (lots of baking) + cozy nights + the best movies (aka Home Alone) + happy hour outings + so many festive events all around town + the lights, I just love all the lights!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!


ONE – George Strait //  Guess who’s going Strait (back) to Vegas?  So fucking pumped, I can’t even explain!!  My Mom bought tickets when they came out on pre-sale Saturday morning.  My Mom is the SHIT!  I can’t wait for another Vegas weekend with my Mom + Sis…the last one was one I’ll never forget.  At least the parts that I remember…lol.  You know that saying, “The nights I won’t remember with the people I’ll never forget.”  Kinda like that. Haha!  I’ve got Strait Out Of The Box on repeat non-stop.  Only 238 days, but who’s counting 🙂

You can read more about our Strait to Vegas trip last September here {weekend notes}.

FullSizeRender (15).jpg

And you better beleive I will be visiting the 24-Hour Taco Bell Casino in Vegas too!!   Taco Bell has a special plance in my heart.  Similar the the special place in my heart for George Strait 🙂




TWO – Christmas table setting // I’m not 100% it will stay this way, but it’s ok for now.  Still obsessed with eucalyptus.  I have it all over the house.  This tablecloth is just a large piece of melatic gold dot burlap that I scored at JoAnn’s.  The mini tree came from Target a few years ago.  These are the scented pine cones from Joann’s.   The still smell like cinnamon and I love it.  The same old candles I use each time.  I got the glass holders at Ikea.  They are considered wine glasses, but that’s bullshit because it can old hold a sip.  The plates + gold flatware are both from World Market.  I’ve been only hand washing the flatware and I’m happy to report they are still in perfect condition!!  I always grab these buffet napkins.  You can’t beat a 6-pack for $9.  I wrapped them with twine + cinnamon stick + christmas tree clippings.

Pinterest has so many ideas that I’m just not sure on this setting just yet.  I may try something new this weekend.  Check out all the Pinterest inspo here!



THREE – Caroling at GG’s // It’s a newer tradition we started when GG was staying at the convalescent home healing.  It was such a hit that we decided to do it again last year, but the location was much better.  GG’s house ♥  Her eldest friend, Betsy now joins us too.  Cookies + Bud Lights + Christmas Carols just go hand in hand!  GG confirmed that we have gotten “much better” lol.  If you’re looking to start this fun tradition too, I wrote a post about making a Christmas Carol Song Book.  You can read more about it and print directly from the blog here: {christmas caroling}


Out of GG’s 19 greatgrand kids, we got alomost all of them this year.  It’s a full house, that’s for sure!



FOUR – Family // We had family photos taken  by the Clicking Sisters a few weeks ago.  We realized that Benny Bear (my 5-year-old nephew) wasn’t in a single family photo.  Poor guy…lol.  So, it was clearly time for an update.  I will cherish this photo forever.




FIVE – Links I ♥

Currently obsessed with velvet anything

Glitter Guides December must read list.  Two By Two is next up for me

Courtney Kerr’s Gigi New York collab sold out in minuets

On repeat

Obsessed with this minimal cozy Christmas decor

That dress

8 things successful women do on Sundays.   #9 drink a bottle of wine?!?!

The Fairmont SF Gingerbread house is ready to view

German Chocolate Cookie Balls..Oh my!

Has anyone else listened to the Hamilton Soundtrack?  So good!

What I’m watching this weekend

Impatiently waiting for these beauties to arrive on my doorstep


Cheers to the weekend!!


xoxo stacyb

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  1. Your family picture is amazing! I especially love your sister’s youngest guy holding his belt buckle!!!❤❤

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