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{neiman marcus $250 cookie}

By now, almost everybody has heard the one about the woman and her daughter lunching at the ”Neiman Marcus Cafe” in Dallas, who enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies so much that they asked for the recipe. For ”only two-fifty,” the waitress said, it was theirs. But when the charge card bill arrived, the amazed woman found the total near $300. Hard to understand, since she had bought a $20 scarf, two $9.95 salads and a cookie recipe.
Turns out the recipe cost $250, the story goes. When the woman couldn’t get her money back, she took revenge, sending the recipe by E-mail to all her friends and asking them to pass it on. The recipe for what was dubbed the Justice Cookie and the Ultimate Revenge Cookie has been around the world and back.

The truth is that there is no Neiman Marcus Cafe, good luck finding a $20 scarf at that exclusive department store, and its restaurants have never sold chocolate chip cookies.

But who doesn’t love a fun story like that?  Well, let’s be honest – I would have ever come across this recipe had it not said “Neiman Marcus $250 Cookie”. And once you try it, you’ll want to believe the story behind these delicious cookies too! 
Here’s the recipe:

Doesn’t it feel like your grandmas secrect cookie recipe?  

Beware – this recipe makes about 5 dozen cookies. Unless you eat hands full of the cookie dough like bay and I did 😳. 

Coffee cheers to a day off.  With three kids!!

xoxo stacyb  

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