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{lunchbox love – valentine edition}

By now you all know that I’m a Holiday whore.  It sounds so bad…lol.  Any excuse to get my Holiday on.  Bailey’s been inquiring about her Valentine Lunch…and when it’s going to happen.  I try to keep it a surprise.  That way, when she opens her lunch at school it’s extra fun 🙂  She loves a good surprise.

Speaking of surprise, check out the adorable Valentine Starbucks reusable cup Bailey surprised me with a couple of weeks ago.


I currently cant find them at any of my local stores, or I would link it for you.  They are $2 so next time you see one, grab it!!  Grab a handful of the cardboard sleeves too.  These cups get HOT!

Ok, now back to the lunchbox love…….

Here’s what I have up my sleeve:

I’ve linked everything you need to surprise your little one this Valentine’s Day! Seriously, who wouldn’t love opening their lunch box to a party?


Heart + sprinkles cut-out PB+J

Using the same small heart cookie cutter, I cut out hearts from an apple.  Didn’t even have to core it.  I just tossed the center hearts with seeds.  Heart carrots ♥  Carrots are Bay’s favorite.



Printable Valentine’s Lunch Kit

This kit includes:

  • Love Banner
  • “Be Mine” Straw tag
  • Heart Shaped Lunch Joke Card
  • It’s O’ “fish” al, You’re awesome” bag topper.


And my personal favorite – lunchbox jokes.

Today’s joke:

What did one elephant say to the other elephant on Valentine’s Day?

(scroll to the bottom for the answer)



Capturing Joy – Free Printable Valentine’s Day Lunch Jokes


Over The Big Moon – FREE Printable Valentines Lunch Box Joke Cards!


g*rated – Printable Valentine Jokes

Our you can write your very own love note using these adorable love notes.  I use these year-round 🙂

love note sheet 85x11

eighteen25 – Valentine’s Day // Love Notes

Lunchbox Joke Answer:

I love you a ton 🙂

Haha, so damn cute.

Best news I heard all day – Punxsutawney Phil, the world’s most famous furry forecaster, failed to see his shadow yesterday.  Meaning, spring is right around the corner.  YAY!

xoxo stacyb





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