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{weekend notes}

Intentions for the week |

  • Help Bay find her dream homecoming dress
  • Hit my weekly step/workout goals
  • Clean the dreaded oven
  • Hang sconces in bedroom
  • Watch the WHS Varsity girls volleyball. Go #6
  • Edit my closet
  • Set up new charging doc
  • Create a fall wish list
  • Try a new breakfast recipe
  • Watch the new season of Handmaids Tale
  • Friday Night Lights
  • Celebrate my mama’s birthday
  • Clean up the garden
  • Make Orzo pasta salad // recipe is here: {spinach orzo pasta salad}

a peek into our weekend…..

It’s Omega Nu season. Honestly, I had a tad bit of anxiety going to our meeting. It was nice to put on a cute outfit and chat with girlfriends.

We are homecoming dress shopping. And so far Bay hasn’t found THE one. The search continues.

I officially bought my first pumpkins this week. Trader Joe’s has the best variety for $7.99

Pulled out out fall/Halloween decor. Instant happiness. Say hi to Brenda!!

Two shows I started this week. Bravo’s Real Girlfriends in Paris is so cute and leaves me dreaming of visiting. Tell me Lies (recommended by my homegirl Alex) so good. Started out a little porn-ish, but I’m hooked and cant wait for the new episode coming Wednesday.

Bought a pair of Boston Birks and I have to say – I am here for it. Can’t wait to style them for the cooler months.

Watched my nephews play t-ball/baseball. I love cheering them on!!

My most favorite scent for Fall – Bath + Body Leaves. I don’t care how toxic they are, I will buy them every.single.year!!!

Our Friday morning “hot girl walk” is something I cherish. Charlie does too!

Saturday night we had a dinner with friends. It was good for the soul.

These girls played volleyball almost the entire time. Their love for the game is so fun to watch.

Slow weekend mornings are everything.

Cory’s back to cooking Sunday night dinner. It was damn good, per usual.

Busted out one of my fave sweaters.

Spent the afternoon in SF. Hardly took any pictures.

Collecting some fall outfit inspo.

Wallpapered out bedroom. Once I get it all styled and put back together, I will do a full blog post.

Went to my pre-op. Wear sunscreen. Get your yearly skin check. Take care of the skin you want to keep! Maybe I’ll go into more detail…..but not really feelin it right now.

I liked this…..

And that’s all I got. Fingers crossed I can get my Target Tuesday finds up tomorrow! Have a great week friends.

xoxo stacyb

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