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{closet organization}

Anyone else still quarantine organizing? I’m fucking obsessed with getting rid of shit. Not typically in the form of clothing. Every once in a while, it just has to be done.

After my big closet clean that I shared on Instagram the other night, I’ve received quite a few inquiries asking how I manage to keep things so minimal.

Number 1 – there is nothing minimal when it comes to my clothing collection. Those words just don’t exist! I do know when it’s time to let that shit GO!

I think it’s a challenge we all {fashionistas} face. So here are a few of my friendly tips on how to keep things feeling clean.

Before we get started – I’m thinking about having a garage sale. Just clothes. Mine + Bay’s this weekend. Probably Sunday? Anyone wanna come? I’ll even make you a mimosa? Ha! For reals!


I know that most peeps this isn’t necessary. I, on the other hand am a clothing hoarder. So this is very necessary. I like to keep my newer items on this rack. Or things I want to wear. I rotate tops + dresses from my closet to this spot. It has a little shelf on the bottom that is perfect for setting out shoes too!


These hangers are the SHIT! They are no slip. Maybe I’m just a freak, but I love the way they look too! I have a thing for white hangers. I have 2 sets of these hangers and really want to get more so I can spoil my whole wardrobe with these pretties.


These command hooks work perfect for hanging hats! No holes in the wall. And you can move them around whenever!


After some trial and error, I found hooks that work perfectly on garment racks. With the double hooks you can add accessories + pants.


This $17 rod is such a game changer. If allows you a second row! As you can see on the bottom right, I have a shit-ton of shirts hanging down low.


I didn’t get a good photo of this shelf. It’s actually on the other side of my closet. This is where I store all denim collection. Bay was disgusted at the number of jeans I own.


You guys – this 3 drawer cart is on sale for $3 today! Get one! I store swimsuits + gym clothes in these 3 drawers. I used to have half my dresser full of gym clothes too and parted with about 75% of them. YIKES!


I actually converted the coat closet to my shoe closet. We really weren’t using it, so this totally works. I added two of these 4-Tier Shoe Rack Storage Organizer. They are stackable. This saves so much space in my


It’s just a hook, I get it. But this bad boy ended up being a HUGE space saver for me. I was able to hang 5 bags on this hook. I originally had ALL of these bags hanging on door handles. It was so annoying. So, this $8 purchase really makes me happy.


These are the ONLY under the bed storage boxes that are low enough to slide under out beds. I keep 2 under mine. They are perfect for storing bulky winter clothes you wont touch through the summer months.


This is perfect for storing bags + accessories. I love it for setting your clothes out the night before too!


For storing belts + ties + bras + scarves. It’s a huge space saver!

You can find each item from this post by clicking on the images below……

(remember you use the arrow to the right to scroll though all the images)

Happy closet clean out friends!

xoxo stacyb

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