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{never have I ever….}

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Let’s play a game of Never Have I Ever!

Give yourself 1 point for each thing you HAVEN’T done on the list below. Then put your total in the comments.

Never have YOU ever: Cheated on a test • Sent drunk texts • Skinny dipped • Been in handcuffs • Picked your nose while driving • Traveled outside the country • Sung Karaoke • Broken a bone • Played hooky • Stalked your ex on social media • Shoplifted • Hitchhiked • Gone surfing • Dined + Dashed • Chipped a tooth • Thrown up on a roller coaster.

My number – 6

Cheated on a test | To be honest, I cheated on a test recently. It was hard.

Sent drunk texts | If you haven’t, then you must not drink…lol!

Skinny dipped | point #1 – I have NEVER skinny dipped, believe it or not.

Been in handcuffs | point #2 – I have been close, but I have NEVER been in handcuffs. Knock on wood that doesn’t change anytime soon!

Picked your nose while driving | no comment

Traveled outside the country | Mexico twice, and that’s it. I’d love to change that. Eating my way though Italy is my dream!

Sung Karaoke | Kenny’s Bar in my early days. And most recently The Classic Cue in Lake Tahoe. It’s kind of our Friday night routine when we hit Tahoe kid-less. If you’ve never been, it’s a MUST! Prime people watching if Karaoke isn’t your jam.

Broken a bone | 8th grade Lee Middle School basketball game. Against Woodland Christina. I broke my wrist. It was a nasty break that needed to be set. Worst pain ever (minus child birth + shingles) And my basketball career ended For-Ev-Errr!

Played hooky | I try to do it at least once a year. Last year Bay and I ditched school + work for a fun day. We plan to make it a yearly-ish thing! We felt like straight up rebels!

Stalked your ex on social media | Who hasn’t, right? Or am I the only stalker? Ha! What did we do before social media?

Shoplifted | Wet Seal. Yolo County Fair Mall. 1997. I really hope Bay isn’t reading this. Definitely not a proud moment.

Hitchhiked | point #3 – I have NEVER hitchhiked. And I could never pick up a hitchhiker. I was too much dateline. Cory, on the other hand, has picked up hitchhikers many times. F that!

Gone surfing | point #4 – I have NEVER gone surfing. I’d love to some day, but my fear of being eaten by a shark will probably never allow it to happen.

Dined + Dashed | point #5 – I have NEVER dined + dashed. I’m not fast enough…ha!

Chipped a tooth | chipped or smashed out? On my 21st birthday I fall and knocked out all my front teeth. No joke! I was so tips, that I felt NO plain. Until the root-canals.

Thrown up on a roller coaster | point #6 – I have NEVER thrown up on a roller coaster. I’ve felt like I could after getting off the Graveatron at the Yolo County Fair a time or two though.

How many points did you get? I think we need to play this game again!

Outfit details……

Floral Print Top($14) – size up. I went from a medium to an xl. I cant imagine what a medium would have looked like on me…lol! This top comes in mauve, black + a white floral too. You can find them below!

Denim – I got my money out of these Madewell jeans. I wear them non-stop! Crazy comfortable.

Faux Leather Jacket 40% off – (similar) – unfortunately my faux leather jacket is sold out, but if I was in the market for a new one, this one here would be it!

Heels – You guys, I scored these Sam Edelman heels for $37! Swear. It pays to stock Nordstrom Rack! They are sold out at the rack, but if you really need a new pair of nude heels – you can find them full price at Nordstrom. I don’t wear high, high heels. These are high for me. The plus is they are comfortable. I can wear them for hours and they don’t hurt my feet at all!

SHOP: Floral Print Top($14) | Denim | Faux Leather Jacket 40% off – (similar) | Heels

Happy Wine Wednesday friends!!!

xoxo stacyb

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