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{target tuesday}

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Well, today I’m going to start something new. Maybe for just this week? Maybe forever? Target Tuesday. Because, if there is one things I think we ALL have in common, it’s our LOVE for good ol Target!

Since Target it a one stop shop for ALL THE THINGS, I thought why not dedicate a day to it? From the cutest new clothing arrivals. To sale finds. Seasonal….oh yeah. Home decor! You name it!

So, here are a few things I’m diggin lately……

For the Home //

Anyone else dying for a Hanging Rope Swing? They’re on sale for $50 today at Target! I really, really want one for my back patio. The Terra Cotta Clay Planters are so pretty. They come in lots of sizes, but I love the squatty size for a centerpiece filled with succulents. Speaking of succulents, how cute is this Faux String of Pearls ($14) in the gold vase? I keep seeing it styled on coffee tables and now I think I need one…lol. The Misto, you’ve heard me rave about this one before. You fill it up with your fave olive oil (Seka Hills is my jam) pump and spray. And it’s only $10!! I picked up this Bud Vase a few weeks ago. When I think “bud vase” I think a smaller sized vase for roses or something small. NO, this thing is wayyy larger than a bud vase. The top is I believe what’s called a flower frog? There are holes so you can just stick your flower stems directly in. It makes arranging so, so easy! Bay got this XL Beach Towel in her Easter basket, and I totally stole it from her. It’s 72 x 36….huge and perfect. I need to scoop up a bunch for the summer, and they’re $16! Last but not least, Salad Servers. I dig having pretty servers when you take a salad to a friends house. Or have peeps over. These are by Chrissy Teigen, so I like them even more…Ha! Really like the gold + wood…oh and the $10 price tag.

You can shop each item by clicking on the images below……

Beauty Finds //

First up, Kristen Ess Texturizing Spray. This shit is legit. I use it on straight and curled hair. My true love is Oribe, but I just cant stomach $46 a bottle. Honest Facial Oil is hands down one of my all time fave products. I’ve even got Bay hooked on it now too. It is $25, but you use such a small amount that it lasts a long ass time. It’s magical for dry patches. I actually have oily skin and use this every night before bed. NYX Butter Gloss, you’ve tried it right? If not, add it to your next Target haul. The best $3 you’ll spend on a gloss. Comes in tons of shades, I dig creme brulee. In love with this Make Up Organizer. I don’t own it….yet. But, I think it’s coming one with mama today. It’s $13. SOLD! The Aztec Secret face mask mixed with apple cider vinegar is a real treat. I use this mask once a week and for $8, I’m down with it. I’ve tried all the fancy expensive masks, and keep going back to this one. COSRX Pimple Patches are a must. Unless you’ve got flawless skin (bitch…lol) between Bay and I, one of us has a pimple patch stuck to our face at bedtime every night. It’s like a clear band-aid that sucks all the crap out of your pores while you snooze. Wake up. Peel it off. The puffiness + redness is either gone or reduced big time. $5 for 18 patches! Do it!

You can shop each item by clicking on the images below……

Clothing + Accessories //

Personally my favorite Target section. Especially when all the summer stuff hits the floor. It’s been hit and miss lately, but without fail, still mange to find more that I need EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. This Knox Rose Dress screams Free People….minus the price tag. It’s flowy + bohoy and I dig it! Tucked in to a pair of jeans it’s super cute too! I have this big ass Straw Tote on my radar. It’s the perfect beach bag. You know I had to have the Beer Lime Sunshine Tank. It just screams xoxostacyb…lol. This is the tank I wore in Santa Cruz last week. Sun Days PJ’s were my Sunday #ootd over the weekend. They are crazy soft and under $15! Put it on your Mother’s Day list!! Tassel Earrings for $8! My ears are super sensitive to cheapy earrings, but I’m willing to take one for the team and try these out because they are so damn cute. The back of this Cover-Up says warm waves lazy days. It’s one of those inexpensive throw on and go cover-ups we all need. Lastly, how cute is this Panama Hat? Ps…it’s $20!

You can shop each item by clicking on the images below……

Happy Target shopping friends!!!

xoxo stacyb

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