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{25 random acts of kindness}

Top: Target | Denim: Madewell / Nordstrom | Mules: Nordstrom Rack

This past Sunday, February 17th, was Nation Random Acts of Kindness Day. Out of all the cheesy “national days” I think this is one we could + should all get behind! Get outside your comfort zone…just a little bit. Kindness is straight up magic. And it can really brighten the shit out of someones day!

And to be completely honest, it’s a really great way to lift your own spirits too! It’s a two for one, baby!

For example: I was at Target the other day….go figure. Waiting in line. I let a women with #hellakids go in front of me at the self checkout. She was dumbfounded that I would let her go ahead of me. As though nobody had even done that for her before. She even offered to buy me the sugar free red bull I had in hand.

Which got me thinking…….

Just think if each of us do ONE simple random act of kindness each day. What if it became a chain reaction?

Here’s a list of simple acts that I came up with……

  • send a “just because” email or snail mail to a girlfriend
  • drop off books to your neighborhood Little Free library
  • tell someone their top is cute
  • let someone in line ahead of you at Target or the grocery store
  • thank the school or office janitor
  • leave a compliment on someone’s Instagrams post
  • say “good morning” to peeps on your way into Starbucks
  • text your Mom + Dad and thank them for something random
  • drop off the extra baked goods to your neighbor
  • smile at people in passing…just not the creepy looking ones
  • return a shopping cart for someone
  • run/walk a 5k that benefits a good cause
  • message a former teacher who made a difference
  • bring your neighbors toters in after garbage day
  • encourage someone who is working extra hard
  • leave a sticky note with a smiley face on your friends car
  • do that one chore your partner hates to do
  • make someone laugh or even smile
  • leave a generous tip
  • buy a bum a tall can or bottled water
  • write a good online review for a local shop or restaurant
  • thank a police officer or firefighter
  • give kudos to a co-worker or classmate
  • help someone before they ask

Top: Target | Denim: Madewell / Nordstrom | Mules: Nordstrom Rack

The outfit details are completely irrelevant…haha! Kinda. Technically I was wearing this top at Target that day. When I let the lady with #hellakids cut in front of me in line. And she did compliment me on this top. So there’s that….now, it’s totally relevant, right?

I picked up these black jeans after my style icon, Lisa Allen raved about them. They are an investment denim, but save your pennies sisters…they are worth it. I used multiple birthday giftcards to finally snag a pair. Size down…they run large. And you’ll feel skinny AF 🙂

This ruffled bell sleeve top is a recent Target find. I spotted it in the Who What Wear section, which I NEVER look in. It caught my eye and it was LOVE..ha!

Remember when I said I was on the hunt for the perfect black mules? I bought the J.Crew block heel mules and as much as I wanted to love them, they just weren’t the “one!” So I sent them back and found that my Report block heel mules are now in black and $40. I am the proud new owner of this shoe in nude + black. And they are perfection.

Have a great Tuesday! And I double dog dare you to do ONE random act of kindness today. And maybe tomorrow too?

xoxo stacyb

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