{friday 5}

I came down with the cold of the century.  I hate to be a complainer, but this is no joke, the worst cold I’ve had.  Currently feeling bad for all my fellow peeps that said they had a bad cold and I really thought they were being a bunch of wimps.  lol.  Sorry!

Weekend plans: attending a class tonight with the deacon to prep for my nephews baptism next weekend.  I will officially be the god mother to all 3 of my sweet nephews.  Bailey gets her spring show pig, which she’s been counting down the days for.  Cory and I really want to do a hike we’ve been stalking on instagram, if I’m feeling up for it.  And I’m dying to pick up a new pair of these Madewell Jeans using my birthday giftcards at some point too.

What’s on your weekend agenda, friends?  Are you gearing up for a busy couple of days or are you ready for some down time?


ONE – Lauren + Bailey // Lauren (aka Bay’s idol) picked up Bay for a coffee date to catch up before she left town.  Back when Bay was in Kindergarten, Lauren mentored Bailey during her first year of 4-H.  Lauren has made a point to keep in touch since.  She’s travel the United States while in office with the State FFA.  And now calls Oklahoma home as she studies at Oklahoma State University.  Shes a one-of-a-kind and we feel extra lucky to have met her ♥  I even found their ice cream date back in 2016: {friday 5}

Ring Light Selfie // Bracelet Flask

TWO – Kissey Gifts // My sister gives the best gifts.  She picked up this ring light phone clip.  It works so well.  It’s actually for Bay, but I totally stole it from her this morning.  Even if you’re not taking selfies, it puts out some great lighting for iPhone pictures.  But selfies are way legit too.  And I got the Bracelet Flask.  Ha.  So next time you see me kickin it at a 4-H meeting or Omega Nu wearing this bracelet, just know I’m gettin tips!


6 Section Drawer Organizer

THREE – Decluttering // Day 11 – Makeup.  In case you missed yesterdays post {let’s kon marie} I’m doing a decluttering calendar for the month of January.  Each day you tackle one task in your home.  By day 30, your shit will be nice and tight.  Today was makeup.  I have to give the credit to Bay though, she did it for me.  If you’re familiar with the Kon Marie method, then you know the drill.  If not, here’s what you do….empty out all your makeup.  Everything you own.  Even the old crusty lipsticks in the bottom of your purse.  Throw away anything that is gone, you don’t/wont wear, and expired products.  Clean each product, along with whatever you’re using for storage.  Then place everything you’re keep back aesthetically.  It literally takes about 20-30 minutes each day.  Which is so much more manageable than taking on the entire house in one day.  Check out yesterday’s post and print the calendar and get to work!


FOUR – American Eagle Try-On // Everything I shared earlier this week….is marked down even LOWER!  American Eagle, how low can you go?  Some of my top picks are currently under $15!  Grab them before they’re gone or go back to original prices next week!

You can click on the images below and it will take you to that specific product to read reviews, check out the price tag, or investigate further…….


xoxo stacyb


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