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{friday 5}

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I woke up grumpy AF today.  I stayed up too late.  Skipped Kaia, for the second time this week.  FML!  Over slept.  Had a screw in my tire and Les Schwab told me to take a seat, it’s going to be 2 hours.  TWO hours.  No f’n way.  I don’t have two hours.  Who has two hours to spare at 8am in the morning?  Our camping trip got rained out.  Although, I am diggin the rain.  Except my hair looks so bad, I should probably just go home.  I was soooo late to work because of said tire…..and maybe a quick Starbucks run (that was clearly desperately needed)  Is it 5 yet?  I need wine and my sweatpants STAT!

I’m just keeping it the real.  Someday’s suck ass.  Most days are pretty damn good though.  Andddd on the bright side, it is F R I D A Y madafakas!!!

Ok, I’ll stop bitching for a minute since I’ve got 5 more things on my mind……



ONE – 5 years ago we met this sweet girl. Lauren mentored Bailey during her first year in the 4-H rabbit project and has made a point to stay in touch since.  Now traveling as the State FFA Vice President.  Big time!  We follow her on instagram and in awe of her accomplishments!    While in town this week, she called and asked Bailey out to ice cream to catch up.  Lauren, thank you for being so kind and thoughtful.  Bailey wants to be just like you when she grows up and as her mother, that would make me so proud ♥

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TWO – Christmas Dresses // I know, I know….”it’s not even Halloween yet!”  When J.Crew Factory has a killer deal and you score these for 1/2 off and free shipping.  You order the damn Christmas dresses in October.  And chances are with dresses this cute, they are going to sale out quick.  Now my only problem, which one to keep?!?!  The cute dress struggle is real.  I like options so I ordered both.  Unfortunately I LOVE them both equally.  Well done J.Crew, well done.  Bailey suggested an outfit change mid way through Christmas Eve.  Perfect solution, right?  God, I love her!

Now through Monday, these dresses are marked down 40%.

Gold dot dress $41.50 and Striped dress $44.50

J.Crew Gold Metallic Dot Dress // J.Crew Girls Striped Sateen Dress




THREESeka Hills // Once again – they killed it with the October Wine Club Package.

  • Tuluk’a (my current fave)  It’s spicy and smokey and so so good!
  • Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar  I cant wait to use this on my roasted carrots this weekend
  • Olive oil – You know this is my jam!  I swear by Seka Hills Olive Oil.  Once you try it, you won’t go back to store-bought crap.
  • Chocolate Toffee Almonds – Oh my god.  Bailey and I legit fought over the last one.
  • I will be making this gratin recipe with that butternut squash.

If you’re not a Seka Hills Wine Club member, you need to be!

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FOUR – We’ve been Booed!  Bailey knew instantly that it was Kissey as soon as she saw the tamarind candy 🙂  Thank you Kissey!  I absolutely love seeing all the We’ve Been Booed photos popping up all over Instagram and Facebook.  Kids with big ol cheeseburger smiles holding their Boo treats.  It’s my favorite.




FIVE – Links I ♥

17 things you’ll understand if you love wine

Devon Rachel killin it in the cropped black denim

Preparing Bailey now that I totally think we can pull this off next year

Reason #1 to go to a Sac Kings game

LC’s hair and makeup is everything

Reese’s blew it by not releasing the traditional pumpkin cup

Kate Middleton shocks peeps.  Love this!



On my must make asap list

Maestra Stover is in town….HOLLLLLLA!!

I’ve been watching this video on repeat, because dancing nana always makes me smile 🙂


Happy FRIDAY!!!


xoxo stacyb


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