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{diy blanket ladder}


knit stockings (on sale) // sting lights // mercury glass garland 

Anyone else living life without a fireplace?

Where in the H-E-double hockey sticks to you hang your stockings?

I’ve tried our armoire…but, let’s be real, I don’t want anything blocking Vanderpump Rules.  And moving the stockings each time I want to watch the tube…nahh!  I’m good.

How does Santa get into your house?  When Bay was about 4-ish years old we had to leave a key to our house tied around the door knob…on the outside.   Beaucse we didn’t have a chimeny back then either.  I’m telling you, the stuggle is real.

Last year I said fuck it, and didn’t hang stockings at all.  It was kinda sad, really.

Christmas morning I chucked Bay’s stocking across the living room floor next to the tree.  DONE!


knit stockings // sting lights // mercury glass garland 

This year though, I vowed to hang the damn stockings.  I mean, let me be 100% honest….the ol man comes down the chimney (I mean front door…remember – NO fireplace lol) in 12 days and we still don’t have a single ornament on our tree.  I did tie a pretty bow on the top.  And strung about 2 grand lights.

I’ve got this weird minimal Christmas vibe that I can’t shake.  I want everything to be clean and simple.

But, I really, really wanted a place to stick our stockings.



I went to Pinterest and searched “ways to hang stockings” and about 8,237 DIY blanket ladders popped up.  Some say $10 ladder.  Or you don’t need a man to make this.  Others said, just buy the damn ladder and call it a day.  I pinned about 25.  You can check them out here: DIY blanket ladder Pinterest


I printed them all out.  Waited till Cory was in a really good mood….about 5 bud lights deep, then showed him my idea.  We was on the fence….haha.

Last week, while on a handyman job….Did you guys know he’s a handyman?  He specializes in electrical, but he can do just about any damn thing.  It impresses me.

Anyway, while he was on a job he came across this old barn wood.  It’s filthy.  Probably has bugs on it and in it.  All kinds of dings and knots.  Jagged splinter hazard.  Just goes to show you don’t need any kind of fancy wood.  Although, if you’re into a more polished look, it’s totally doable too.


He whipped this up for me last night.  I probably shouldn’t call this a diy, because I don’t really have directions.  It was literally 5 pieces of scrap wood and 6 screws.  No cuts, he had me show him the spacing I had in mind and he threw it together.

And I’m obviously obsessed.

Here are a couple of the DIY’s that I printed out.  If you’re like, hell yeah, I’m making one too!  Here ya go:


How to Build a Farmhouse Style Blanket Ladder

$7 Blanket Ladder


knit stockings // sting lights // mercury glass garland  // galvanized tree collar


Next project.  How to display all the Christmas cards that are showing up in the mail?  Which could be one of my favorite things of the year.  How do you hang your Christmas cards?  I need ideas!

Oh yeah, and I haven’t even thought about our Christmas cards yet.  What kinda of Holiday whore am I?


xoxo stacyb

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