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{weekend notes}


Happy Monday Friends!  Not sure what it is about today, but it feels so festive.  I guess we are officially kicking of the first week of the Holidays!!!  I’m at work though…ha!  Just knowing we’re going to finish off the week with turkey + pie…lots of shopping!  Oh, and we’re headed to Tahoe to cut down our tree this year.  Stay tuned, we’ve never done this before.  I’m sure it will be a shit-show.  I have my heart set on a couple of trees this year.  I know, crazy.  Considering I live in a tiny ass condo!

Okay, hold on tight, this week is gonna be over before you know it!

Intentions for the Week:

  • work on some gift guides
  • cut down out Christmas tree(s)
  • american eagle try-on
  • set a cute kids Thanksgiving table
  • drink more water than chardonnay…this is gonna be a hard one!
  • tackle outdoor Christmas decor
  • a new spin on the classic pumpkin pie
  • host Thanksgiving
  • head to the cabin ♥

And here’s a little recap of some of the highlights from our weekend….

When you finally get to #chardsohard with your homegirl Nikki!


“make us look super hot and super skinny please!” HA!  It’s been the saying for years now!


We celebrated this babe turning the big 4-0!  Lookin hot AF + young AF!  And still a damn good time!


Us ♥

You guys were blowin me up about my sweatshirt.  It’s full-price, which I rarely do…but I made an exception for this one.  It’s perfect for that, I wanna go out, but I also wanna be cozy AF!  This is it my friends! Ha!  Linked some other leopard-dot print items from Madewell too!


Cory + I were first timers at Chick-Fil-A!  So damn good.  I feel like I’ve really been missing out.  Those nuggets are legit!  Thank god there isn’t one near me 🙂


Filled up the cooler and hit the road.  His < Hers

Can you guess who’s is who’s?


First thing first – Spud Point.  For what I believe to be the best clam chowder + crab sandwich in the area!  So good that we went back Sunday for more!!


And did you know they have a chowder only “express line”  Brilliant!


The view never gets old!


We drove up the road to Bodega Head for a family hike!  We always do Goat Rock, so it was a nice change.  And I have to admit, all the coastal trails are pretty damn beautiful!



From the parking lot we saw these massive bubbles.  It was the Bodega Bubble Lady.  She makes + sells these giant bubble wands + bubble mixture.

She let Bay give it a shot ♥

She said it was so

My views!


Bud light always in hand.


The Abarcas


Finally some clean, clear and blue skies!


the best I could get (Benny’s face)


Bud light lime, also always in hand lol!


We camped at Casini Ranch, and I somehow didn’t take any photos.  WTF?  I’m failing at this lately…lol.  My parents + sister and her family had their trailers.  Since we were making it a quick 1 nighter, we opted to tent camp.  Let’s just say, we vowed to NEVER tent camp after September again!  Cold AF!

I did manage to get a blurry photo of our dinner!


All day I begged Cory to pull over and let me clip some of these.


He finally did.  And Bay asked if she could cut them for me.  I almost cried, I was so happy…lol.

And yes, I know we looked like a bunch of okies.  I’m 100% okay with it!


Camp breakfast.  My mom doesn’t fuck around!  Micaela’s California fresh tortillas + salsa for the WIN!!


With a side of bud light lime…breakfast of champions!


Remember this pretty pumpkin centerpiece?  I left if on my table.  For a week.  And it rotted!  And my house smells worse than shit.  I’d actually rather a dog or human crapped in my house than this rotten pumpkin.  PSA – this centerpiece will not last a week…FML!


My homegirl Nikki brought me back this beautiful handmade table linen from India.  So, I re-set my table.  Problem solved!


Sunday dinner!  You know it’s gonna be good when your avocado is perfect like this.  Pretty sure he paid like $4.99 at Nugget though.  #worthit


And crab!  We picked up fresh crab in Bodega.  So damn good.  Bay even decided she liked crab after last night dinner!  This could be a good thing….and and a bad thing…lol!


Have a great short week!  I’m poppin in tomorrow to share some Thanksgiving outfit ideas!

xoxo stacyb

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