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Happy Hump Day!

I was originally going to share an asparagus salad recipe, but frankly (that just aged me lol)….I’m STILL sick of talking/writing about food since last week’s TJ’s recipe round-up.

So, let’s just chat about some random stuff (I really wanted to say s*#%) that’s on my mind today…..


A couple of weeks ago, on our way home from the Almond Festival, I had Bay hop out of the car and we took some pictures in an almond orchard off the side of the road.

She didn’t have any shoes on…lol.

And the bees were going crazy.

But, we got a couple of good ones.

I get to keep these forever.

And I’ll remember that day forever.

I will always be the crazy lady snapping pictures of anything + everything.  For that reason.  Photos are memories ♥





Today, after the 2-day cleanse, I started the first day of my sugar detox.  No wine.  No girl scout cookies.  Pray for me, K!?!?!

Speaking of Girl Scout cookies + wine….have you seen this pairing chart FML!

5 days till Spring!!  That means it can’t rain anymore and the temps rise to 80, right?

Working on planning all the details for Spring Break.  I took the week off work to hang with Bay and I cannot wait!  Hopefully we’ll be having fun in the sun.  And a pit stop in San Diego to see Scarlet ♥

Tonight is the Lee Middle School parent night.  I will be a mom of a middle schooler in 5 months.  FIVE MONTHS!

My mom had Bay build her a shoe organizer today.  She sent me a picture and it kinda made my day.  I highly recommend you buy a cheapy shoe organizer like I did here.  I promise it will make you so incredibly happy.

Another price adjustment today on these and these.  Bringing my total to $20 for two pairs of shorts for Bay.  Always, always call and get a price adjustment peeps!

Cut my hair again yesterday.  Shorter + blonder!  Thanks Allison!

Grab this eyelash seperator on your next Target run.  It’s so good!

Our Annual Stinson Beach trip is next weekend and Mother Nature needs to change her mind.  The current weather forecast is not okay!

Bay is making the cutest ever bunny ear cupcakes to take to the beach.  I can’t wait to share!

I found bunny ear napkin rings, so clearly I have to set an Easter table now.  Want me to show you when I’m done?

I can check Easter dresses off the to-do list.  Bays // Mine

Check out the super cute Easter Basket I grabbed for Bay.  She missplaced her Easter basket she’s had for years 🙁

Today’s TJ’s haul below.  I had a super weird craving for chili cheese fries..lol.  So I’m going to make a healthy version with butternut squash zig-zags.  If they turn out good, you know I’m gonna tell you all about it.  Edamame is Bay’s fave lunchbox snack.  And the carrots…I plan to roast them with olive oil + lemon + salt + pepper.  Then top with some crumbled feta.  I’ll serve it as a side dish with some grilled chicken.


Ps…I haven’t been to the gym in about 1 1/2 week.  I feel like sharing that tidbit will make me go now!  I.MUST.GO.TOMORROW!!!


See you tomorrow 🙂


xoxo stacyb

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