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Hello Friends.  How was your weekend?

Bay came home from camp with a cold, not to mention, the poor thing was whipped out.  So, we changed our original plans and had a low key weekend.  Which I’m not mad about.  It was perfect.  I got the spring cleaning fever Saturday and organized my closet + shoe closet.  I love seeing all my money hanging nice + neat..lol!

I was looking over my calendar for this week and almost fell out of my chair.  Between Bay + I, we have something planned every night this week.  So, here’s to a busy week and NO wine rewards in the evenings…lol.  It’s ok, I’ll survive off my skinny, skinny margs 🙂


Intentions for the week:


Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes}

  • Don’t watch anymore Golden State Killer #nightmares only BRAVO shows 🙂 
  • Repot plants – on this week’s to-do’s 
  • Should I cut my hair shorter? shorter + blonder 
  • Parent Teacher Conferenceall 3’s ♥
  • Make a mexican hot pot for dinner
  • Parent Night at Lee Middle School OMG!in 5 months I’ll have a middle schooler 
  • Celebrate St Patrick’s DayCory mad the best corned beef + cabbage 


How do you feel about Springing Forward?

I’m 100% down with it.  I’d give 2 hours just to know Spring is on it’s way.  And it wont be dark on my drive home from work.  Hell yesss!!!


Highlights from the weekend……


Bay’s home!  Friday afternoon the 6th graders rolled into town after their week long Alliance Redwoods trip!

I was able to sneak out of work for a few days to hang with the 6th graders at Alliance Redwoods.  It was so damn cool.  Armstrong Redwoods.  Lots of fun hikes.  Selfies.  Groupies.  Our Accommodations were nice.  The Golden Ticket.  Cleanest room award.

Team Hoat (1/2 horse 1/2 goat) was the best.  Sweetest girls.  They made my stay a delight.  They also dressed me up as a Hoat and had me skip around and make funny noises in front of everyone too.


This was a once in a lifetime experience for my girl and I’m so happy I was able to spend part of it with her.


Friday nights at the Pig Barn.

The girls!


The Moms!


Not pictured was our pizza + wine night at the Fricke’s.  Thanks for having us.  Cant believe I didn’t take a picture.

Coffee table set-up

Changing things around…AGAIN.

But, can we take a minute to talk about the TJ’s ranunculas I picked up?

My favorite!


Sipping that extra cup of coffee.


The worst part of my Saturday morning…..

Getting up to grab my wallet.  I need to memorize my card number again.


I decided to organize my closet and utilize the hallway closet that we don’t use.


That’s what I get for shopping at Walmart..lol.


We took a break for burgers


And a car wash….while it rained.  Ha!


Pig walking


Then back to tackle the closet.

With a bud light lime 🙂


I really need to KonMarie again.  Since moving last fall, my closet has gotten out of hand.  I no longer have a walk in….it’s to sad.


Drum roll……

The final product.

Now I can see all my money hanging.  LOL!  Bay said I have problems.

4 Tier Shoe Rack $12.88

Here I stacked 2 of the 4 tier shoe racks.  Most of my boots + nikes live in the garage.


This is the part that made a HUGE difference.

Double Hanging Closet Rod $12

I was able to add that second row for my shorter tank tops at the bottom.  Game changer.


Lastly, I added this shoe shelf for my jeans.  I had them in my dresser, but I could never find the pair I wanted without pulling our every pair.

Shoe Rack 4 tier $19

Bay built each item for me.  She’s so bad ass like that.


Night cap

Bay made popcorn in the air popper.  Best popcorn.  She added a ranch flavoring to it.  Bomb!


2 day cleanse

I had questions about the 2-day cleanse I referred to last Friday.  So, here it is.  I found this in a Women’s Health magazine years ago.  Ripped it out and saved it.  Whenever I need a re-start I always pull it out.  It’s simple and it works.  I follow it to a T!  I have my cucs sliced.  Green tea for dayyysss.  Grilled chicken + salmon to rotate.  Lots of arugula + spinach.  Steamed asparagus ready to dip in yogurt + dijon (I look forward to this snack).

Image-1 (1)

Homemade Almond butter.  I found a secret ingredient that make it so creamy and smooth.  Stay tuned.


Sac Antique Fair #ootd


Bay’s score


Kettle Corn.  Always.


You guys, I found vintage levis and I cannot wait to wear them!  And a new record too.


Pit stop to J.Crew to return this bag.  Such a sad day.  It was so small.  My wallet poked out the top.


But, I did find ANOTHER pair of jeans.


Seka Hills


Chondos Tacos


“Make us super hot and super skinny!”


My dupe.  More about this bad tomorrow!


We got home just in time for a kitchen dance party while Bay decorated her Dime-A-Dip cake.


We are NO fun at all.


God, I love my friends.  And my girl.


Then I stayed up all night.  I swear I heard the Golden State Killer trying to break into my house…FML!  That show is NO joke.  Don’t watch it if you ever want to sleep again.


Have a great one.  Don’t forget to pop back over tomorrow for a cute top + some dupes that you’ll want to get your hands on ASAP!


xoxo stacyb

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