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{spa water}


Looking for something refreshing to drink that not only hydrates you but tastes delicious?  Then I’ve got the drink for you!

Lemon + cucumber + mint water.  AKA Spa water.

We’ve all had it at some point.  But, who knew how easy and good it really is for you!

I googled it, obvi:

  • Lemon: Lemon water makes for a powerful detox drink; lemon juice helps to cleanse and alkalize the body. Add one thinly sliced lemon to a large pitcher, or squeeze fresh lemon juice into your glass. Lemon also aides in digestion and boosts your immune system.
  • Mint: Mint adds a touch of sweetness without the sugar, and it also helps settle your stomach and aids in digestion.
  • Cucumber: Adding a few slices of cucumber to your water makes for excellent re-hydration, and cucumber contains anti-inflammatory properties.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • filtered water
  • 1 english cucumber, spiralized
  • 6 mint leaves
  • 1 lemon, thinly sliced



I spiralized my cucumber because:

  1. it looks pretty AF
  2. it removes all the seeds
  3. I rarely use my spiralizer, so I just felt like busting it out


Add everything to a large jug of filtered water.  Stick in the fridge for about 4 hours.

Pour over a glass full of ice.


I just refill it every night and I have a fresh batch for the morning.

You can do this for about a week, then you need to toss all the pretty stuff and start over again.

I even fill up my wine glass with ice + spa water when I get home from work.  Makes me feel like I’m drinking a cocktail…Ha!

I bet it would be good with vodka over ice.

Just saying.


And let’s talk about how pretty the spa water looks in my wine decanter.  Since I’m currently laying of the wine for a moment, I thought it only made sense to replace it with my spa water.

To be completely honest, the spa water looks better than when I fill it up with chardonnay.  Which looks like urine.  Ha.  It really does.

I’ve used this decanter at a flower vase + center piece + wine dispenser + now spa water carafe.  It’s sturdy.  Pretty.  And on sale for $6.99 at Target!!!

Glass Wine Decanter with Wood Stopper




Excuse me while I sip my spa water…lol!


xoxo stacyb

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