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{friday 5}


Hello, and happy Friiiiidaaaayyyyy friends!!

Today, I’ve got 6 things on my mind…..



ONE – Weekend Notes // I never got around to my Weekend Notes post this week.  But, I have to share, because last weekend was a good one!

We spent time with our favorites in Salinas.

2 days at Chamisal is good for the soul!!

I got tan lines.  Watched the kids swim for hours.  Cheers boomeragned our beverages with Nicole + Lina.  Made plans for our next adventure.


Peter Pan in Carmel ♥

The Outdoor Forest Theater has got to be the most beautiful theater ever.

The whole gang!!


I would tell you all about it, except in true Stacy fashion….

I fell asleep though about 75% of the play.

BUTTT, the parts I did see (the end) was fantastic!!!


We also met the new member of the Hostert family, Lulu the rescue dog 🙂  She the sweetest.  Until I tried to pick her up.  I don’t have the dog touch!!

El Charrito breakfast burritos!!  It’s a must every.single.time we wake up in Salinas.  And Nicole has the most amazing friends ever.  The last 4 times I’ve visited, her peeps delivered El Charrito to us.  I tell you, Salinas people are so damn sweet!!!  I also got a package of tortillas and Oh My God!  I’ve been hooking Bay up with quesadillas all week!  She said they are fantastic. I even got crazy and made her the jack-o-lantern quesadilla #holidaywhore (if you follow in insta stories, you saw it)

I’m a true El Charrito lover por vida!!!

Thank you Hostert’s + Odello’s for a FUN weekend ♥

We made it home Sunday evening just in time to catch another play.

Honk at the Woodland Opera House.  #socute

We love watching our friends/family do their thing on the big stage!!



TWO – My Girl //  It was her 11 year check up this week.


11 years old.


85 lbs.

She grew 4 inches in just 1 year!!  She’s predicted to be around 5’9 – 5’10.  CRAZY.

Bay was also due for 4 shots.  Tdap (I think that’s what it’s called).  Flu shot.  Some other one I can’t remember.  And HPV shot.   Last year I had to latterly restrain my kid.  I layed on top of her while she was laying on the doc office bed.  It was a sight to see.  She fought the entire time.  Fast forward to Thursday.  She sat there.  Got her shots.  Shed a couple little tears.  So we obvi went to Starbucks afterwards.

The doc handed Bay a sheet of paper explaining the shots she had gotten.  She got to the HPV and wanted an explanation.  I did my best.  I’m brutally honest with her.  At 11 years old, I’m not sure kids are ready for that explanation.  What are your thoughts?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% on board with the vaccine!!

Anyway, just crazy proud of my girl!  She was so brave ♥


THREE – Jicama Sticks //  The veggie of the week.  Remember my {Fall To-Do’s}?  Try a new veggie each week?  Jicama sticks are week #1.  Before we talk jicama, lets clarify the spelling/pronunciation.  It’s spelled with a “j”, but sounds like it should be a “h”.  You read jicama, and say HICK-ah-muh.  You just ask the dude at TJ’s and he’ll know what you’re talking about.  Okay, on to jicama….


I don’t like it.  I actually think it tastes like a cross between an apple + dirt.  The texture – crispy apple.  The taste – dirt.  Anyone else agree with me?

I tried to dip it in guacamole, because let’s be real, guac makes anything taste better.  Not in this case.  I tried to lemon + a little chili powder.  Nope!  I can’t do it.

I didn’t even dare to ask Bay to try it.  That’s how bad.

Week #1 of the new veggie challenge = fail.  I want my $2.50 back…HA!

Do you do jicama?  How?  I’d love to find a way to use up the container and not gag.


FOUR – New Jersey Housewives // Did you watch the trailer yet?  If not, here ya go…..

RHONJ Season Premier (first look)

Dammmnnn!  It’s gonna be a good one!!!


(image via)

Tagline are always the best:

Dolores Catania: “Look loyalty up in the dictionary and you’ll find my face.”

Melissa Gorga: “The only life I envy is my own.”

Margaret Josephs: “I bring the power, the pigtails, and the party.”

Siggy Flicker: “My motto is: Know your worth. Leave the rest to your plastic surgeon.”

Teresa Giudice: “If you’re not about the namaste, get the hell out of my way.”


Danielle: She didn’t make the cut!  Is she just a guest star?  Like a wanna be RHONJ?

I will be hosting some of my girlfriends to take in this shit show together.  Wine + pumpkin dessert.  Hmmm.  What should I make?

Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

Pumpkin Pie Bites

Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting

Oh my pumpkin loving heart.  How with my indecisive ass ever decide with all the amazing pumpkin recipes floating around this week?!?!


FIVE – Links I ♥

White + walnut bliss

Hillary Clinton’s new children’s book is on the shelves

Bucket list item: master risotto.  Maybe I’ll start with this recipe

This jacket #need

Miranda + Jon Pardi are coming to town!!

This image went viral!  And I remember being in the spot so vividly

What a dream…totally worth $400, if you ask me

GREAT couples costume ideas

GREAT family costume ideas….especially #6

I need to invite GG over and make Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie with Cheddar Chive Biscuits

This would look beautiful filled with eucalyptus

Man cold season…HAAAAA!!!


SIX – These little fuckers are back // FML!!!!

That’s all.



Now go and have a GREAT weekend!  See you next week 🙂


xoxo stacyb


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  1. I really enjoy your blog! Danielle is what they call a “friend of the housewives”.#cantmakeahoahousewife

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