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{weekend notes}


Take me back to Tahoe please!

We had our final-final summer adventure last weekend.  Most peeps are celebrating their last summer hurrah this Labor Day weekend.  Unfortunately, we will be spending our 3-day weekend moving.  So. Much. To. Do!  Currently wishing I was still sitting on Pope Beach with a bud light lime in hand enjoying the 80 degree weather.  This 110 shit is for the birds.


Here’s a little recap of the highlights from our weekend……

We hit the road Friday with Ruby (Bay’s BFF) in tow.  I love these girls and their friendship ♥


Pit stop at Strawberry Lodge for sodas.  First time ever (in my adult life) I haven’t sat at the bar, played Janis Joplin on the jukebox and enjoyed a coldie.

They did a boomerang cheers.  Like mother, like daughter.  Pretty sure that was Sara + I a couple of weekends ago….Ha!


The Cabin.  With mom waiting for us.


First thing first…Lake Tahoe Pizza Co. for pizza.  Pizza is kinda our Friday night thing, if you haven’t caught on yet.


We did half cheese (borefest) + half Mean Greek.  You guys, it was BOMB.  Sundried tomatoes + sautéed spinach + feta cheese + red onions + peperoncino + chicken.  Sounds good, huh?


Saturday morning breakfast on the deck.  Fueling for our adventure.

I had a bloody mary to calm my nerves 🙂


Along side avocado toast Carol Willis style.  I love avocado toast, but do you want to know how to make your avo toast even better?  Add crispy prosciutto.  Yes!  Carol had made this for my mom a couple of days before.  When she told me about it, I requested she show me Carol’s ways.  OMG!  It was killer.  She crisped up a couple thin slices of prosciutto on the stove then layered it up over a toasted pieces od Dave’s Killer Bread.  Try it.  And thank Carol after!


Horseback riding!!  WTF did I get myself into?  I am afraid of horses.  Horses don’t like me.  Pretty sure they can sense how uncomfortable I am.  At least, that’s what I’ve been told.  I am 35 year young, and have yet to get on a horses.  I’ve had plenty of options, but have declined every single time.

The reason we are here….Bay + Ruby are completely horse crazy.

They’ve been riding since they were 5 years old.  Look how little they are in the images below.

enhance (1)



Then a couple of summers ago, Paige + Willy introduced Bay to Junior Rodeo.  She learned barrels + poles + roping.  Probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever seem my girl do.

She would ride out to a goat.  Jump off her horse.  With a hope in hand.  And tie up a live goat and lay it on its side.

Bay was 9 years old at the time.

I don’t think I could even do that now.




Ok, so now that you have the history you know why it was time for me to finally get on a horse.  Bailey has asked me to a million times.

I said yes.



We went for a guided trail ride in Tahoe at Camp Richardson Corral.  I can’t say tell you how great the guides + staff treated us.  They knew I was freaked the fuck out.  They got me on a horse and reassured me I would love every second of it.


Following the leaders ♥


There were so right.  One of the best experiences.  We rode through the forest.  Up a rocky mountain.  Then we got to the beautiful vista point.  You can see Lake Tahoe and a hot air balloon taking off from the lake.

And I had the best riding partners.  They would stop and check on me from time to time.  Just to make sure I didn’t get bucked off 🙂



Bailey + Asteris ♥


Ruby + RC ♥


Me + Tex (aka slow poke)

I owe a BIG shout out to Tex.   He made the trail ride very enjoyable.  He was slow AF…HA!!

FullSizeRender (22)

The girls would have stayed forever.



Such a fun experience with these girls.  Something I will cherish.  And I didn’t die!  Ha!  We’ve decided that next year we are going on the 2 1/2 hour trail ride.

If my poor butt can handle it.


From horseback to Kayak


We went straight from Camp Richardson Corral to Pope Beach!


Bay’s dad got her kid kayaks for her birthday.  Best investment.  These girls were all over the lake in these things.  Super easy to maneuver.  Lightweight.  Perfect for their age.

And they are pink!  Major bonus points for baby daddy!


Pit stop at Camp Richardson for the Ice Cream Parlor + Beacon Rum Runners.  It’s a must!



Big thanks to my Mom for joining us for a fun weekend.

My rum runner cup runneth over ♥  Best summer ever!!



Oh and I can’t forget…..We woke up to a bear digging though the ice chest early Sunday morning.  Watching bears in the neighborhood doesn’t get old.  My mom and I were in awww of this dude.  He nabbed the girls leftover beach sandwiches and layed in the tall grass and enjoyed them.  Then he rolled over on his back and kicked his feet up.  It was hysterical.



Annnddddd now we are back to the daily grind…school + work + packing.  I spent the morning at the dump…lol.

Hope you have a great week and fun plans for the 3-day weekend!!


xoxo stacyb


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