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{a little of this + a little of that}


A little of this + a little of that…….


I went to the dump yesterday morning.  That about sums up how my week is going…lol.  Dumpy!  Have I told you that moving sucks yet???

I realize I’ve been super negative lately.  A major funk has taken over my life.  I’m not going to apologize, because guess what?  It’s life!!  Hoping that after “the move” (how many times have I said that..lol) this weekend…it will disappear.  Fingers crossed, K?

Am I the ONLY person on this planet that does NOT watch Game of Thrones?

Did you know there are 23 days till Fall?  After the awful high temps the last week (and as far as I can see in the forecast) I’m so ready for sweater weather + pumpkin everything + homemade soup + fall to-do’s.  Then December will roll around I’ll start bitching about how cold it is and wish for Summer again!! 🙂

My Mom + Bay + I cracked up watching this video the other night.

Which reminded me, this tortoise bangle has been on repeat since it arrived.  Best part, it’s on sale for $9!

Link (our beloved rabbit) recently started thumping his hind foot.  Only around me.  I thought, oh how cute he loves me.  Bay googled it last night……

Foot-stamping in rabbits indicates that something in their environment is bothering them or causing fear.

Speaking of pets, Woodland Vet sent me an email this week stating that, “Bailey is overdue for her annual pet exam.”  Ha!  She didn’t think it was very funny!!!

Last night I tried a new #tacotuesday recipe.  Spinach pesto tacos.  The idea didn’t go over very well with the peeps.  But when you taste them….BOMB.COM!  Recipe coming next week.  Stay tuned!

Bay needs new Rainbow flip-flops.  Her heels are hanging off the back…..one of my many pet peeves.  No problem, I’ll order a new pair.  You guys, she’s now in women’s shoe sizes…WTF?!!?  Rainbows are no longer $30.

Dying to try the new Italian Restaurant in East Sac.  Their menu looks dreamy!!  Has anyone gone yet?  Tell me all about it!

Trying to decide between one of these canvas prints for our new place….what’s your fave?  One // Two // Three

I accidentally unplugged shit that therefore turned off our Wi-Fi.  I’m surprised my YouTube feen is still talking to me.  I mean, she has to talk to me now that she’s not glued to her phone anymore.


Thank god for my Mom!  She’s a lifesaver!


Have a great day ♥


xoxo stacyb




8 thoughts on “{a little of this + a little of that}

  1. Obo has AMAZING food, a great happy hour, and it’s next door to Kru’!! Agreed…Moving sucks!

  2. No Game of Thrones for me! Love the snapping turtle video (Dan has seen them in person, says they’re mean!)

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