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{friday 5}


Weekend I’m in love!  Friday + Saturday + Sunday….you’ve got my heart!  What’s on the agenda for the weekend friends?  Bay and I plan to veg out, make homemade pasta, watch movies and spring clean.  With a side of pig barn and church.


ONE – Weekend I’m in Love // Who’s with me?  And why not rock it?  I found this Tee at Target and it hoped in my cart and came home with me.  It’s going to be my couch potato shirt this weekend, that’s for sure.  Target has the best graphic Tee’s right now.  The cactus pocket tee.  The Johnny Cash tank…yes please.  Or how about Alex’s Sunday tank?  What’s your favorite?

Weekend I’m in Love Tee





TWO – Centerpiece // This herb + flower situation on our dining table is making me wish spring could last forever!  These are herbs + shit from my yard (kinda)….I may have trimmed from a neighbors yard…a little.  But, the rosemary is hands down, 100% from my yard!  Swear!  I suck at putting together anything floral.  For some reason I’m totally into this right now.  And my kitchen reeks of rosemary, which I really love.  It is one of my favorite herbs!  It’s messy, kinda like my life.  Maybe that’s why I like it so much?!?!



THREE – Baseball season // I don’t love sports, like at ALL.  Baseball especially.  But, I am a helluva spectator….at my nephews games.  ONLY.   Ha.  Joe + Benny are little studs on the baseball field.   Joe is playing on the big field now, which is super exciting to watch.  They are super competitive too.  Benny got the game ball this week.  He told me “I bet you’re proud of me, huh”  I love that kid.

Benny running to 1st base…..

Joe batting….




FOUR – Easter cake // Every year I make a fancy cake for Easter.  Honestly I don’t even really like cake all that much.  But, I do like making them.  And decorating them.  Pretty cakes + Holidays go hand in hand.  And I absolutely love impressing GG with my baking, that’s the real reason ♥

Last year I did a naked carrot cake.  The year before I recreated Jenny Steffens Coconut Bunny Cake .


This year……

I’m going to attept to make this beauty from Jenny Cookies.  Layers of carrot cake (because it’s Easter and what else would you make, right?) smeared with cream cheese icing for a semi naked cake look.  Topped with golden bunny ears and the prettiest flowers I can get my hands on.  Wish me luck!!  I’m going to need!




FIVE – Links I ♥

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Champagne vending machines….I’ve died and gone to heaven!


And….I’m out!  Happy Weekend ♥


xoxo stacyb

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