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{weekend notes}

I hope you had a great weekend.  Our’s was everything I hoped it would be.  We celebrated + relaxed and enjoyed every second of it.  I’m short on time today, so here’s a little recap.

Oh and our sugar cleanse results too!!!



Beers + root beers at Blue Note.  One of our favorite Friday night spots!



You’ll never guess what Bay did first thing Saturday morning?!?!  You guessed it….she baked cookies.  Two batches!  Sugar cookies and double chocolate m&m cookies.  Which she is allowing me to share on the blog this week.  Thanks Bay 🙂



I posted my new Gentry California shorts.  You guys, get a pair.  She’s a local Woodland girl which makes it that much better ♥  I hate a few messages asking for a link so here ya go:

Women’s Seersucker Scalloped Edge Shorts with Monogram – Pink or Blue



We celebrated Benny Bear’s 6th Birthday with a little board breaking.



Watch Bay go!  Every kid was able to break their board.  So cool!  I’m not gonna lie, I kinda wanted a turn too!



Oh yeah, in case you missed it on Snapchat – We got Ben a BB gun.  The classic Red Ryder.  And some safety glasses too…Ha!!  He look so stinkin cute!!IMG_3302.JPG


We also celebrated Alec’s 1st birthday and I didn’t take a single picture.

Sunday morning pig barn duty!  Bay + Barbie-Q posing for a picture.



Check out this crazy ass barn cat…..



Sunday was pretty much the best day I’ve had in the last 20 days.  Yessss!  It was the end of our 20-day sugar cleanse.  Well, kinda!  Sarah P + I did it together.  This chick right here is a bad ass.  She was basically sober for 20-days.  Which is really fucking hard to do…lol.  I failed at the booze free part.  Like, really bad.  I stuck to the food part though and got results!!


Combined we lost 15 lbs in 20 days!


To reward ourselves?  We planned out a day of all our favorite things….the things we’ve missed.

We started off with La Crema + Pizza.


Isn’t it beautiful?



We took our crazies to the park to play.  Where we guzzled more chardonnay from red solo cups.  It’s been a long time without wine, we deserved it!!


Last stop….

“Charley, show me how much you love churros”

God I love that kid 🙂

Yes, we sampled while we waited!

The have dipping sauces peeps.


Obsessed with Stag’s Leap chard!   Hands down, the best.  And it’s on sale at Nugget right now.


Nikki came over to #chardsohard with us!

Like our fancy wine glass art?

Today is Monday, and after a full day of indulging in all my favorites, I’m happy to report…..

I’m back on the sugar cleanse.  Sarah + I decided that we really wanted to keep going.  See what will happen to our bodies if we stay sugar-free (ish) till San Diego in March.

Pray for us 🙂


xoxo stacyb

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